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The Best Shades for Your Office

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The Best Shades for Your Office

Layered Shades For Office Windows | Master Blinds LA

When adding blinds and shades to your workplace, there are certain considerations to look at. Light control is always an important factor, but heat transference, functionality, and aesthetics are all vital aspects to keep in mind when considering new shading options. Here we go over two of the best blinds for office spaces as well as explain why each is so well suited to such an environment.

Sheer Or Blackout Roller Shades

Roller shades are the classic style of window treatment that everyone recognizes and knows how to use. This is a key feature that makes them suitable for offices that often receive guests. Everyone including your staff, cleaners, and visitors will know how to maneuver them with ease. This design is also great for the budget. If you have a very large office, you’ll probably want to select a shading style that is as cost-effective as possible. Roller shades are easy to find, come in a wide variety of colors, and are usually the lowest priced option compared to other styles.

Dynamic Cellular Shades

Cellular shades have an interesting design that brings a wealth of benefits. Their core structure is in a hexagonal form that resembles the look of a honeycomb. This shape allows them to fold neatly to open up and unfold to close. They are made from solid plastic which means they don't allow any light to pass through, which can be ideal for rooms that require a high level of darkness. Due to their structure, this design also delivers great heat transference benefits. As the structure of the sheets is double layered, the gap between them acts as a thermal barrier, which improves insulation efficiency. If the heating bills and energy efficiency is important to you, the cellular design is certainly worth a look at.

Impressive &  Sophisticated

As well as the practical benefits, cellular shades look very impressive. The way they fold very effectively is a great feature in terms of aesthetics. If you’re looking for shading products that add a level of attractiveness to your office, this is certainly one of the more stylish options available.

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