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Blinds Installation & Window Coverings Near Claremont CA

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Blinds Installation & Window Coverings Near Claremont CA

Residents and business owners near Claremont can get any type of custom window treatments they want. From motorized shades to vertical blinds (great for sliding doors) and more. If you own a property in the area and want new blackout blinds, bamboo shades, or any other window coverings installed, get in touch with us today. Take a look at some recent projects to see what sort of window blinds and shades people ordered lately.

Bamboo Shades Near Claremont | Master Blinds LA

Bamboo Shades

Customer Issue: Mrs. Hanssen wanted classic bamboo window shades for her upstairs guest room, and knew just the company to call - us.
Our Solution: A large window in a spacious room is always easy to build for. A classic and user-friendly roller and drawcord setup and a sheet of Ming Dynasty style painted bamboo made for exactly the package our customer was looking for, and installation was simple. The new bamboo shades really enhance the surrounding décor.

Marjorie Hanssen - Claremont
Vertical Blinds Nearby San Antonio Heights | Master Blinds CA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Reenberg wanted something protective that would fit her long office window.
Our Solution: There wasn’t much room to work with on either side of the window, but the customer was willing to sacrifice a few inches of visible pane to mount the collapsible blinds. Flexible plastic slats on a set of fine rollers and tracks did the trick to her satisfaction. Her choice of vertical blinds was easy and simple to install.

Lily Reenberg - San Antonio Heights
Motorized Roller Shades Nearest Montclair | Master Blind Los Angeles

Motorized Roller Shades

Customer Issue: A landlord with property to rent wanted several apartments outfitted with serviceable and user friendly motorized roller shades.
Our Solution: All but one of the windows that needed covering were the same size. The team made five, uniform sheets of soft brown and beige checkered shades and prepared an equal number of appropriate motors and handsets. Mr. McNeil is still deciding what to do for that last window. UPDATE: he ended up choosing another set of custom motorized roller shades, this time in grey/teal combo.

Henry McNeil - Montclair

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5-Year Warranty

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