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Recent Blinds Installation Projects Near Hidden Hills CA

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Recent Blinds Installation Projects Near Hidden Hills CA

Different types of blinds offer distinct features that can enhance your Hidden Hills kitchen, bedroom or office in various ways. Motorized blinds are popular for the comfort and efficiency they bring. People seek out cellular shades because of the improved thermal insulation and energy savings. Sliding screen doors can benefit from vertical blinds better than horizontal ones. Every type of window treatments fits better for specific purposes. We've helped these folks find the best blinds and shades for their rooms. Take a look and see how you too can use our help.

Custom Roman Shades | Hidden Hills CA

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: Mrs. Carrington wanted a classy and bright look for her home and was looking at roman shades.
Our Solution: After an initial consultation with Mrs. Carrington, the perfect materials were chosen and the windows measured for roman shades. Our team returned a week later and installed the shades on the windows. After inspecting the finished work with the customer we signed off on the project.

Anna Carrington - Hidden Hills
Roman Shades Next To Westridge CA

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Caldwell needed new window covers for his bedroom, and hoped we could help him find something distinctive.
Our Solution: Mr. Caldwell picked Roman shades out of the recommended styles our team showed him, specifically hobbled Roman shades. He enjoyed how the deep folds differentiated them so strongly from any other type of shade. He selected a navy color for the fabric, and we used his windows’ specifications to create them. Afterward, our technicians installed each of them so that Mr. Caldwell could rest assured they would all work perfectly.

Cary Caldwell - Westridge
Vertical Blinds | Hidden Hills CA | Master Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Wood’s current blinds in her family room looked shabby, and she felt they needed an upgrade to improve the decor of her home.
Our Solution: Our team felt that vertical blinds would be an ideal fit for Mrs. Wood’s family room windows. Due to their tall, large size, horizontal blinds made them look too busy with a lot of lines. Vertical blinds instead help the room feel taller and more spacious, which far better complements the space.

Madeline Wood - Hidden Hills
Cordless Motorized Blinds Near Vista Point CA

Motorized Blinds

Customer Issue: Ms. Williamson wanted to make things easier on herself with window treatments that could open or close as needed, without her manually needing to do it.
Our Solution: Motorized blinds held all the properties that Ms. Williamson wanted. She could set timers for them to open or close whenever she tried to keep direct sunlight out of her home to avoid it heating up or cause bleaching in furniture. It also gives the impression she’s home even when she’s away, which helps deter burglars.

Krista Williamson - Vista Point
Cheap Cellular Shades Close To Westridge CA

Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Griffith lives on a busy street, and often gets woken up at night by cars driving by and otherwise. He hoped that new window coverings could help.
Our Solution: Our professionals suggested cellular shades to help with Mr. Griffith’s problem. Their density compared to most other styles of shades make them the best when it comes to noise reduction. This way, any sound from outside would be muffled and allow him to rest easier. We assisted him in finding a beautiful blue shade of cloth to suit his room.

Robert Griffith - Westridge

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5-Year Warranty

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