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Curtains And Draperies

Curtains and draperies come in a range of styles, sizes, and materials. They can be suitable for just about any kind of windows. This applies to residential or commercial properties. Curtains and drapes can influence the feeling and vibe of any room. They'll really complement the interior décor when matched correctly. That, and they'll also help you control sunlight, reduce glare, and lower your energy bill. If you need some affordable and attractive window treatments and you're near Sheramn Oaks, LA, you’ve come to the right place!

Drapes vs. Curtains

The words “drape” and “curtain” are often used interchangeably. However, they are actually distinct (though admittedly similar) types of window treatment. A curtain is a sheet of lightweight fabric that hangs from the overhead rod by a series of rings. They can be slid open and shut easily by hand. Drapes are heavier, lined, and pleated fabrics that typically hang all the way down to the floor. They're usually attached to the overhead rod by hooks. Drapes are generally considered more decorative and impressive looking than curtains. They also tend to provide more light protection.

Curtain and Drapery Rods

Curtains and drapes both need a rod running parallel to the window above its upper frame to hang from and move along. Master Blinds offers installation services for these armatures that let you add draperies, curtains, and similar treatments to a window. This goes for electric motorized curtains as well as manual ones. If you don’t have a rod installed, you won’t have anything to hang the window treatment from! Motorized curtains require a more stable and durable infrastructure. Remember to consult with experts (that's us!) before trying to DIY the installation of the motorized curtains.

Custom Curtains and Draperies

All of our curtains and draperies are custom designed and crafted in house from a variety of fabrics and embellishments. Whatever color scheme or atmosphere the room is trying for, there’s a color, texture, and style combination of drapery or curtains that suit it. From light polyester or cotton curtains to thick, richly colored velvet. Or how about wool draperies with tails and valances? Your imagination is the limit.

Motorized Curtains For The Win

Thanks to their simple operation and limited range of motion, motorized curtains can be easily hooked up to an electric opener. You can operate this device by remote control, timer, or light sensor. In addition to being much more convenient, motorized curtains with smart controls or timers can save you money. Especially in the long run. Human error accounts for big losses in heating/air conditioning costs. It also affects wallpaper and furniture repair needs. This is due to curtains and drapes being accidentally left unmoved. With motorized curtains, you can let the machine do the remembering!

Discount Curtains And Draperies

Our products are available for delivery and installation to any address within Los Angeles limits. If you want the perfect blackout curtains for your home or light filtering drapes for an office setting, give us a call. Master Blinds offers free consultations and quotes, so use us to find the best draperies for your property. Get the best prices for high-quality custom made curtains and draperies around!

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5-Year Warranty

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