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Exterior Shades & Motorized Deck Canopies

Custom Motorized Exterior Shades

Perfect outdoor covers and shading solutions for any LA area property. Book an in-person, free estimate for more info.

Exterior Shades & Motorized Deck Canopies

Rolling Covers For Doors/Windows In LA Homes/Offices

So you want to create a nice covered area outside, huh? Well, good news. You’ve got plenty of options available to choose from. You can get a simple set of rolling shades to cover the patio area, or something more rigid and durable. Motorized pergola canopies and freestanding or attached patio covers can add not just utility to your outdoor areas, but aesthetics as well. Exterior shades for patios and decks give you a nice cover to shield you from harsh sunlight. Getting your outdoor shades custom made ensures no corners or edges where blinding and blistering sunlight catches you off guard. Perfect for Los Angeles patios, roller shades and motorized canopy covers can offer you a lot in terms of style and functionality.

Custom Patio Shades For LA Area Properties

As the main outdoor lounge area for backyards, your patio deserves a solid set of covers to protect you from blazing sunlight. Patio shades, motorized, or manual, offer you a straightforward choice for creating a temporary cover. Rolling shades for outdoor patios and decks are what they sound like. They provide protection from the sun and also add a little something to the sesnse of décor, You can get motorized patio shades with Wi-Fi smart remote control options. That means smartphone connectivity to turn your device into a remote. Our local team specializes in manufacturing the best patio shades in LA, and we’re happy to advise every customer with a free estimate.

Made-to-Measure Deck Canopy

A large outdoor area like a patio or a deck needs some proper covers. Our range of deck canopies for Los Angeles properties let you pick something not only stylish and in various colors, but also functional. A deck canopy provides a shaded area fully protected from harmful sunlight. With awnings and side shades for the deck, you can stay completely comfortable throughout the day. However hot it gets, our patio canopy will keep you nice and cool.

Motorized Canopy – Decks, Pergolas, Gazebos

For outdoor shade structures or larger areas like decks, motorized canopies get the job done flawlessly. The more rigid materials (as opposed to patio shades) provide a more durable covering option for decks, gazebos, and pergolas too. You can bring the canopy up or down with the push of a button, thanks to smart Somfy motorized blinds and shades control options. Motorized canopies and shades can cover pergolas, small or big gazebos, and even above ground pool decks. The custom-manufacturing process ensures precision and no gaps of reduced protection from sunlight.

Exterior Shades Custom Made

The made-to-measure aspect of outdoor shades, motorized and manual both, goes a long way. Precision ensures no shortchanged areas where the cover isn’t enough. You’d hate to roll down your patio shades only for them to stop just at the spot where the glaring sunlight bothers you the most. With custom exterior shades installed in your LA (or nearby) patio, you won’t struggle with such issues. All our exterior shades are custom made to fit perfectly over any deck, pergola, or other patio area designated to support them.

Waterproof Patio & Deck Covers

Moisture can prove a real problem for certain areas. Granted, it doesn’t really rain in LA right now, but in other places it sure does. Plus, you don’t know what the future can hold. That’s why waterproof exterior shades for patios and decks make for a smart investment. The waterproof patio shade materials prevent water from seeping through. Whether rigid vinyl or something stronger, waterproof canopies will also offer protection from other elements. Wind can become a hassle, but with waterproof patio shades with awnings that roll down the sides, the wind won’t bother you. Exterior shades that roll on the side create a ready barricade to block strong winds and keep you at maximum comfort.

Motorized Patio Shades – Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Simple, drop-down shades for patios have outlived their popularity. Nowadays, it’s all about motorized outdoor shades with smart features. You can have your motorized patio shades roll up or down, backwards or forwards, to cover the entire patio area and down the sides too. With this complete protection afforded by motorized patio shades, you don’t have to lift more than a finger to create a nice shaded area outside. As the top LA motorized patio shades installers, we offer customers quite a large range of features and options. This includes smart Somfy blinds motorization features and various remote control connections.

LA Exterior Shade Solutions

The easiest way to find the best patio shades or motorized canopy/covers for your LA area home is to consult professionals. Our local experts can go over all the different materials and features with you, ensuring you find something that meets all your criteria. Different patios and decks need different rolling shades and canopies. The best solution is to have exterior shades custom made for your LA property. That way, you ensure you get outdoor covers that effectively protect you from UV rays and harsh sunlight all year round. Looking for more info? Schedule a free estimate! See what sorts of exterior shades for patios and decks our Los Angeles patio shades installers can make for you. 


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