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Motorized Window Blinds

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Motorized Blinds

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Convenient and stylish, motorized blinds are a great addition to any house or business. There's a range of systems available, which can suit any and all purposes, from easy-to-install wireless control systems and automatic sensors to hardwired motors or battery powered ones. You can benefit hugely from installing motorized window treatments, and Master Blinds provides a hassle-free way to get the perfect system for your needs.

Why Choose Motorized Blinds?

You’ll be amazed at the difference these systems can make to a room. There’s a huge number of advantages motorized blinds have over traditional units; for instance, motorized units can be controlled remotely via a remote, a wall switch, or from your smartphone. Open the living room blinds in the morning from the comfort of your bed, or make sure they’re closed at night without having to get up. In fact, many models also come with scheduled operation options, which means you won't even have to remember to open or close your motorized window treatments at all. This convenience sure is great, but there are also plenty of more serious benefits.

Improve Your Security and Efficiency

An unoccupied home is a target for thieves, and if your window treatments are still closed in the middle of the day, and haven't moved in over a week, it’s pretty obvious you aren’t home. That's what criminals do a lot of the times. They case a residence for a while, to determine when the best time to venture inside it is. Because many types of motorized blinds can be automated through a timer to adjust their position throughout the day, they're an excellent way to keep thieves at bay. They'll think someone's home because your blinds will make them think so. Saving some money on heating and cooling is also possible with a clever combination of sun and temperature sensors. Your motorized blinds will be able to automatically open wide to let the sun in, or close tight for maximum insulation when their light sensor tells them to do so.

All Types Of Blinds Can Be Motorized

Your property is like no other, and needs a personal touch. This comes into play with the type of blind you choose and its design. You won’t struggle to find the perfect fitting. Not with the free consultation appointment that Master Blinds offers. It might be attractive real wood blinds that have a very quaint and classic appeal. It might be clean and sleek aluminum blinds that require very little maintenance and also reflect sunlight. These make for excellent options, each with its unique added benefits. You can also go with motorized faux wood blinds that offer beautiful appeal without the extra maintenance that real timber needs.

Different Types Of Motors and Controls

The variety doesn't end with design, of course. Motorized blinds owe their automatic performance to a set of motor and controls, and those also boast a great selection of options. You can choose a central hub that controls every system, a wireless set that integrates into your smart home system, and various other combinations. The installation and power source also vary. There are hardwired electric blinds that connect directly to your main power source. There are also solar powered blinds or ones that use a rechargeable or a replaceable battery source. With products from major brands like Somfy and Lutron available, your motorized blinds can be as functional as you want.

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