Exterior Shutters For Downey Home

Master Blinds’ design team began the work with Mr. Chaudhuri by providing a free in-home consultation on new exterior shutters for their specific home.



Client Name

Karan Chaudhuri




Master Blinds

Outline of Client Needs

Mr. Chaudhuri was looking for an attractive and weather-resistant set of exterior shutters, but was unsure as to which type of style and material would best fit the brief.

Master Blinds Solution

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic set of exterior shutters. We suggested a set of exterior shutters in this heavier weight material.

Exterior shutters on the heavier side are less prone to movement in high winds and, when closed, act as a handy noise muffler if the weather gets particularly fierce. While they’re undoubtedly trickier to install, that’s no problem for our customers.

After a consultation session, we sent the design off to our local manufacturer and sent a team around to install the finished exterior shutters without Mr. Chaudhuri having to lift a finger.

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