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Vertical Blinds | Studio City | Master Blinds, CA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Greene’s kitchen windows needed new coverings that would suit them, as well as be easy to clean if anything splashed on them.
Our Solution: Mrs. Greene determined that vertical blinds were what she was looking for after our team when over a few options with her. They would look best in the larger windows in the area, making them seem taller and giving the sense of added space. They also were available in vinyl, making them simple to clean.

Nichole Greene - Studio City
Cellular Shades | Beverly Glen | Sherman Oaks, CA

Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: The customer wanted shades that would help to block out the noisiness of the street outside, as she lives on a busy street with a lot of passing cars.
Our Solution: Our experts spoke with Ms. Mckinney about cellular shades, which are thicker than regular ones, and thus provide more noise cancellation. She agreed that they would be best, and felt that cream cloth would suit her home. Our team installed them easily once they were made.

Rita Mckinney - Beverly Glen
Aluminum Office Blinds | Master Blinds Sherman Oaks, LA

Office Aluminum Blinds

Customer Issue: The customer wanted to be able to achieve privacy as well as to control the amount of light coming into rooms.
Our Solution: Our team suggested aluminum blinds as a cost-effective solution to his needs. Our professionals measured the windows and mounted the blinds, and then went on to explain to our customer how to properly clean them.

James Walterson - Montebello
Dining Room Sheer Shades | Master Blinds, LA

Dining Room Sheer Shades

Customer Request: The customer wanted modern shades for a newly refurbished dining room.

What we did: We inspected the room and recommended elegant Sheer Shades in a neutral color. The shades were installed a few days later.

Rhonda Woodley - Thousand Oaks
Cheap Office Layered Shades | Master Blinds, LA

Commercial Office Layered Shades

Customer Request: Modern shades for a chic co-working space.

What we did: We completed a professional consultation at Taylor’s premises and suggested Layered Shades, based on her needs for light control and privacy. They were installed within a few days.

Taylor Erikson - Pasadena
Custom Roman Shades | Master Blinds, LA

Custom Made Roman Shades

Customer Request: The customer wanted to replace her drapes with blinds that took up less space.

What we did: We took accurate measurements of the windows during the in-home consultation and suggested Roman Shades for a sleek and stylish appearance.

Anne DiMatteo - Hollywood

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5-Year Warranty

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