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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds – Custom Made & Motorized

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Venetian Blinds

East-to-use Venetian Blinds | Master Blinds Sherman Oaks

Finding the perfect set of new custom made Venetian blinds for your Sherman Oaks home or business is as easy as giving us a call! The Master Blinds team has been happily providing service to our customers for years. We’re here to apply that experience to help you before you know it. There is a wide array of types to pick from, but one of the most popular is Venetian blinds. They’re complementary to most any room with small to mid-range windows and are customizable to suit your tastes. Find out more about these customizations by reading below:

Sherman Oaks’s Best Quality Wood and Metal Venetian Blinds

Whether you’re searching to impress visitors, or hoping for the cheapest option, we’ll be able to assist you to find the best fit for your needs! Wood Venetian blinds make a gorgeous addition to any home or office, particularly when it comes to complementing wood furniture. However, if you enjoy the aesthetic, but want simpler upkeep, faux wood Venetian treatments are also available. Metal Venetian window coverings are best for those who want something effective and affordable, such as to put in businesses. Aluminum also achieves this and will last for many years.

Blackout Venetian Blinds – Get A Home Theater Experience

There’s no need to drive out to the local movie theater when you can achieve the same thing in your own living room! Blackout Venetian window treatments will plunge any room into complete darkness. No glare, and no gaps of light around the outside, thanks to each set being custom made by our team. Aside from creating an excellent movie watching den, blackout Venetian blinds are also great for anywhere you’d like to keep out prying eyes, such as the bathroom or bedroom. They’ll also help assure you get more sound sleep by keeping out that pesky streetlight!

Remote Control Motorized Venetian Blinds

Are you tired of your kids, or even your pets, messing with the manual strings on your window coverings? Or, do you just find them to be aesthetically displeasing? Whatever the reason, you can get rid of them with our motorized Venetian blinds! Instead of those annoying strings, you can instead easily adjust all of your blinds with a remote control, wall sensors, or even an app on your smart device! It puts you in total control, which means no more crooked treatments from your children playing with them.

Fantastic Venetian Blinds for your Sherman Oaks Windows

Why put it off any longer? You can get brand-new Venetian blinds for your home or business in no time, and it’ll surprise you how fresh your rooms will feel from this simple change! With our free consultations and estimates, there’s no reason not to give it a try and find a beautiful new set of treatments for your home. Whether you like the sound of Venetian coverings or want to check out our other options, all you have to do is contact Master Blinds to learn more with a free at-home consultation! Get in touch with us anytime to book an appointment.


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