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Window Blinds Projects Near Covina CA

Custom Made Blinds For Windows & Glass Doors

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Window Blinds Projects Near Covina CA

Get the blinds, shades and/or curtains that give your residential or commercial property the best décor and utility. We've assisted at lot of folks in Covina and all over San Gabriel Valley choose custom window treatments for a various parts of their properties (including sliding doors and French doors). From motorized blinds for your office to blackout curtains for bedrooms, the selection is wide and diverse. And fully customizable too. Here's some of the most recent work we did:

Motorized Roller Shades | Covina CA

Motorized Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Woods was concerned about the safety of his toddlers who were always playing with the cords.
Our Solution: We sat down with this customer and his wife and went through our wide range of products so they could make an informed choice. We wrote down their choices along with the measurements and started creating the shades. A few days later we returned with everything we needed for the installation. Before leaving, we programmed the upper and lower limits and explained to Mr. and Mrs. Woods how to create customized scenes.

Ryan Woods - Covina
Blackout Curtains Near Covina | Master Blinds

Blackout Curtains

Customer Issue: Mr. Cobb found that his toddler was sensitive to any light coming in from outdoors, and wasn’t able to sleep well because of it.
Our Solution: Our technicians felt that blackout curtains would be the best way to take care of Mr. Cobb’s problem. These would completely keep out any and all light from his son’s windows, allowing him to sleep soundly. This style would also suit the room overall, as it was large enough to accommodate flowing window coverings without looking too crowded or cramped.

Randal Cobb - Covina
Motorized Blinds Installation In West Covina CA

Motorized Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Arnold was tired of needing to go around his home to adjust the blinds in trying to keep the heat out and called us hoping for assistance.
Our Solution: Mr. Arnold felt that motorized blinds would help the most after discussing options with our team. They would allow him to easily adjust his blinds with a remote control or smartphone. He had a smart home system, and thanks to the compatibility, happily agreed that motorized blinds would be perfect and exactly what he was looking for.

Rogelio Arnold - West Covina
Energy Efficient Cellular Shades Near Citrus CA

Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: Ms. Patton had heard from a friend that getting thicker window coverings can help reduce energy spending, so she contacted us to see if we could help.
Our Solution: Cellular shades seemed like the obvious choice for Ms. Patton’s needs, as they’re the densest of most types of window coverings. This allows them to more easily keep in heat in the winter, and block it out in the summer, thus reducing the need to run heating or air. Ms. Patton agreed and picked out a soft shade of yellow for the cloth.

Kelley Patton - Citrus

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5-Year Warranty

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