Blinds & Shades in Fairfax

The variety of window coverings you can choose for your local office or home stretches far and wide. We have a huge range of window shading products in various styles, and you get total customization control over each aspect of your new window treatments. There’s an amazing variety of different blinds we offer to Fairfax residents. Live or work nearby? Get in touch with us for a free estimate on blinds or shades for your windows, skylights, and doors.

→ Cellular Shades Provide Insulation

The clever honeycomb structure of cellular shades allows them to trap warm air before it hits the window. This allows these window coverings to improve thermal insulation at your home and keeps you comfortable. Choose from our custom cellular shades range with multiple different thicknesses of cellular material. You can pick single or triple layers, different sheer or blackout fabrics, and more! The versatility of cellular shades makes them great furnishings on-top of their energy-saving qualities.

→ Great Vertical Blinds Deals

We offer custom sizing and designs for vertical blinds, so you can always get the products you need. These vertical window treatments come in a great range of different styles, as well as many different customizable aspects. Choose colors, materials and even vane sizes for your new vertical blinds, always confident that you’re getting the best shade systems. They can perfectly cover sliding glass doors and other large surface areas like entire window walls!

→ Fast Motorized Blinds Installation in Fairfax

Automating window coverings has become easy and advanced. Our custom motorized blinds give you quality shading solutions that you can remote control with your smartphone. We make and install both wireless and solar-powered motorized blinds systems, allowing you to easily invest in modern technology without breaking the bank and staying eco-friendly. Choosing motorized blinds lets you control sunlight in a smooth and effortless fashion. Learn more about these automatic coverings with a free estimate & consultation delivered in-person at your residence or office.

→ Amazing Roman Shades

Your Fairfax home could benefit from a set of custom Roman shades. These attractive pleated window coverings can elevate any room with their beautiful looks. Choose from sheer or blackout materials, a huge range of different patterns, and even finishing touches like pleats or fishtail designs. This makes it straightforward to upgrade any room with custom Roman shades. The unique, pleated design they flaunt makes them an excellent way to improve upon existing décor with a simple furnish.

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