Window Treatments in Arlington Heights – Shades, Blinds, Drapes

Whether you’re a Arlington Heights homeowner or a nearby business owner, window blinds can help you a lot. You know how important it is to create an airy, well-lit environment for a building’s occupants. People won’t be happy or productive sitting in a gloomy room, so you need plenty of natural light. However, you can’t simply let sunlight stream in. Unchecked glare and dazzle will cause headaches and eye strain, and make people feel extremely uncomfortable. You’ll also lack any privacy. That’s why you need to get the right window blinds installed in your Arlington Heights property. Custom blinds and shades are available to provide the perfect amount of natural light control in any situation, so take a look at the wide range of options on offer.

These slimline designs offer excellent light diffusion in a low-profile package. The honeycomb design of custom cellular shades means they’re an excellent choice when you want to ensure sunlight is dispersed thoroughly around a room. Because they’re double-walled, they also make it harder for people to see into a room from the outside. Excellent news when you want to keep out prying eyes.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces when it’s sunny, you need some way to moderate sunlight. Glare and unchecked dazzle can ruin an otherwise beautiful day, so it’s wise to invest in custom outdoor shades before summer comes around. Outdoor shades are constructed from a wide range of different materials and come in many different designs. Your new outdoor shades can let you sit out in the sun as long as you like without worrying.

→ Wooden Blinds

There’s nothing quite like real wood. The look and feel of real wood grain is unmistakable and provides an excellent complement to almost any interior design style. Custom wooden blinds are available in natural finishes and in a variety of different designs. You can be sure of finding the perfect match for your room. This material is ideally suited to rooms where you want to guarantee privacy and contribute to the design aesthetic. That means they’re often found in living rooms, bedrooms and office spaces.

→ Pinch Pleated Drapes

Stylish and attractive, many homeowners have found the benefits of custom pinch pleated drapes to be undeniable. Pinch pleats are used to provide a clean, modern look for drapes, and are also a great way to make them easy to draw. These are an excellent addition to any living room or bedroom and can be supplied in almost any color and design you can imagine. Pick from a wide range of different materials to find the perfect match for your room.

→ Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

When you’ve got a large area of glass in a room, it’s essential to ensure that light is properly controlled. If not, it can cause discomfort to any of the room’s occupants. Custom blinds for your sliding glass doors should be high on the list of any homeowner’s priorities. With a huge range of different designs to choose from, you’ll be certain to find an option that’s both practical and attractive.

→ Motorized Blinds

Motorization provides many benefits to your property, not just convenience. Of course, being able to draw or open your motorized blinds with a simple tap on your smartphone is amazing, but that’s not all. For instance, motorized blinds can respond to changes in light and temperature. With the right sensors, they can automatically adjust themselves to keep your property warm or cool throughout the day. They can also alter position while you’re away on vacation to make it look like someone’s home. This helps keep burglars away and makes custom motorized blinds a great investment.

→ Vertical Blinds

A great way to cover large windows is with custom vertical blinds. These vertical window coverings have many advantages over other designs. They provide plenty of privacy and natural light control without being heavy or cumbersome to use. Vertical blinds are available in any number of different designs and style combinations. They can give you all the flexibility you need to find the perfect treatments for your property.

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