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Introducing ZIP Shades

New, Modern and Innovative Shading Solutions by Master Blinds

We are proud to introduce our latest offering: ZIP Shades. These modern and innovative shading solutions are designed to enhance your living or working space with style and convenience. ZIP Shades combine sleek aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, providing you with the ultimate control over light, privacy, and comfort. With our ZIP Shades, you can transform any room into a haven of relaxation and tranquility. Explore our range of ZIP Shades and experience the perfect blend of modern design, functionality, and exceptional craftsmanship. Elevate your space with Master Blinds ZIP Shades today!

Quality Blinds & Shades

Which window treatments will best suit your needs?

Manual and motorized blinds and shades make for ideal window covering for kitchens areas, living rooms, bedroom spaces, and even patios, with a variety of beautiful options for you to customize at will. From classic Venetian-style treatments to vertical blinds with blackout features – find the optimal choices that fit your specific requirements.

Elegant sunlight diffusion with sophisticated shade systems & controls

Motorized Shades & Curtains Powered by Somfy & Lutron

Our custom made smart motorized shading systems deliver effortless utility in a range of materials and styles. Adjust and control daylight anytime, from anywhere.

About Us

Master Blinds provides a full-service package for Somfy blinds and Lutron motorized shade systems as well as drapery and manual high-end window treatments – from free in-person consultations to manufacturing, delivery, and professional installation.

With stylish made-to-measure manual & motorized blinds, shades, and drapery systems, we enable customers to reinvent décor for skylights, sliding glass doors, bay windows, and all other opening types in bedrooms, kitchens, patios, living rooms, and other residential & commercial spaces.
Our dedicated window treatment designers help make all decorative dreams come true with personal guidance from start to finish.

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About Us

Master Blinds provides a full-service package for Somfy blinds and Lutron motorized shade systems as well as drapery and manual high-end window treatments – from free in-person consultations to manufacturing, delivery, and professional installation.

With stylish made-to-measure manual & motorized blinds, shades, and drapery systems, we enable customers to reinvent décor for skylights, sliding glass doors, bay windows, and all other opening types in bedrooms, kitchens, patios, living rooms, and other residential & commercial spaces.
Our dedicated window treatment designers help make all decorative dreams come true with personal guidance from start to finish.

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Our Cross-Industry Partners

Master Blinds collaborates with professionals across a range of industries, including interior designers, architects, facility managers, and general remodeling contractors, all of whom use our custom manual & motorized shade solutions to bring light and vibrancy to residential and commercial properties across the greater Los Angeles area with gorgeous high-end window treatments utilizing smart controls & connectivity for the modern age.


From different types of blinds for windows to motorized shade systems for kitchens, offices, bedrooms, and other spaces – read about some of our most recent blinds and shade installation work completed in the greater Los Angeles area.

Bright Bedroom Enhanced with Cellular Shades

West Los Angeles Cellular Shades

West Los Angeles

Carl Martin in West Los Angeles chose Master Blinds for cellular shades, achieving effortless elegance in both the bedroom and home office.

Sleek Roller Shades in Sunland Bathroom

Sunland Custom Roller Shades


Antonia Kerr in Sunland chose Master Blinds to enhance her bathroom with custom roller shades, achieving a modern and elegant sanctuary.

Modern Bedroom with Master Blinds Venetian Blinds

Stylish Venetian Blinds Stevenson Ranch

Stevenson Ranch

Josh McCoy’s Stevenson Ranch bedroom underwent a stylish transformation with Master Blinds’ installation of Venetian blinds. The project, led by Interior Designers Inc., combined functionality and design to create a comfortable retreat.

Bright modern kids' bedroom with motorized window shades in Castaic.

Castaic Home with Motorized Window Shades


Master Blinds collaborated with Latasha Wallis in Castaic to install motorized window shades, adding convenience to the kids’ room and enhancing the aesthetics of the white living room. Explore our range of custom window coverings for a tailored solution.

Custom window coverings for a modern kitchen in Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills Kitchen with Stylish Window Blinds

Agoura Hills

Master Blinds collaborated with Carl McMakin in Agoura Hills to install sleek aluminum window blinds, creating a modern and inviting kitchen space. Explore our range of custom window coverings and find the perfect solution for your home.

Detail Shot of Custom Window Coverings in West Hills Bedroom

Bedroom with Stylish Vertical Window Blinds in West Hills

West Hills

Explore how Master Blinds, in collaboration with Interior Designers Inc., enhanced Cynthia Bertrand’s West Hills bedroom with stunning blue vertical blinds, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Bright Tarzana Guest House Studio with Master Bed and Armchairs

Custom Roller Shades in Tarzana


Mary Carbone’s bedroom in Tarzana underwent a stunning transformation by Master Blinds, featuring custom roller shades for a perfect blend of style and comfort.

Elegant window treatments in a sunlit guest house studio with a comfortable master bed.

Sheer Shades, and Custom Drapery in Porter Ranch

Porter Ranch

Master Blinds recently enhanced Maria Neil’s guest house in Porter Ranch, CA, by providing a unique combination of window blinds, sheer shades, and custom drapery, creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere.

Sleek aluminum blinds in a contemporary kitchen

Mini Blinds in Chatsworth


Master Blinds recently transformed Nicholas Nelson’s bright kitchen in Chatsworth, CA. Our team at Interior Designers Inc. suggested and installed stunning mini blinds, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

Luxury bedroom with silky Roman window shades

Silky Roman Window Shades in West Hollywood

West Hollywood

Master Blinds, in collaboration with Interior Designers Inc., transformed Angela Melancon’s West Hollywood bedroom by installing luxurious silky Roman window shades.

Large dinging room with aluminum blinds for windows

Aluminum Window Blinds in Studio City

Studio City

Kevin Gard, a client of Interior Designers Inc., wanted to elevate his Studio City dining area with aluminum blinds for the large windows, and Master Blinds delivered a stylish solution.

Home office with motorized window shading system

Motorized Custom Shades in Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills

Don Lemastus’ luxury home in Woodland Hills was transformed with custom motorized shades by Master Blinds, providing an exquisite touch to his window coverings.

Luxury dining and living area with motorized custom curtains

Motorized Custom Curtains in Venice


Olga Weaver in Venice desired luxurious window coverings for her dining room. Interior Designers Inc. suggested motorized custom curtains by Master Blinds.

A view at living room with aluminum blinds

Aluminum Blinds in Encino


Master Blinds transformed Ethel Blansett’s Encino studio with stunning aluminum window blinds, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality.”

Dining area with large window walls covered with motorized blinds by Somfy

Motorized Aluminum Blinds in Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks

This project focused on transforming Philip Polo’s spacious family area in his Sherman Oaks home with state-of-the-art motorized aluminum blinds by Somfy.

Spacious master bedroom with vinyl window blinds installed

Vinyl Blinds Installation in Brentwood


This project involved upgrading Irene J. Pfeiffer’s Brentwood bedroom with vinyl blinds, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Bedroom with colorful layered window shades

Zebra Shades in Studio City

Studio City

In Culver City, our client Francis Schwartz from Interior Designers Inc. needed bedroom window treatments for a Studio City project. Master Blinds delivered exceptional solutions.

Bright and modern Culver City kitchen with custom roller shades by Master Blinds, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

Roller Window Shades in Culver City

Culver City

Master Blinds, in collaboration with Interior Designers Inc., installed custom roller window shades in Kelly Murray’s Culver City condo, enhancing the bright kitchen space.

Detail of Master Bathroom Plantation Shutters - Hermosa Beach Project

Custom Plantation Shutters Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach

Donald Horne’s Hermosa Beach home underwent a stunning transformation with Master Blinds’ installation of custom plantation shutters. The result: a modern and elegant space designed by Interior Designers Inc.

Bright living room with motorized curtains installed

Motorized Custom Curtains in Malibu


The project centered around enhancing Leigh Nakagawa’s Malibu living room with motorized custom curtains, bringing elegance and convenience to her space.

A view of hotel room with vinyl blinds

Vinyl Blinds in Sunland


Elevate your space with Master Blinds’ premium vinyl blinds, combining style and functionality seamlessly.

A view on Somfy motorized shades in a living room

Westlake Village Living Room with Motorized Roller Shades

Westlake Village

We granted Coby Heathcote’s wish for a modern living room transformation with our expertly installed motorized roller shades in Westlake Village.

Vintage style living room with bamboo window shades

Woven Wood Shades in Stevenson Ranch

Stevenson Ranch

Noel Anton, a Stevenson Ranch homeowner, aimed to bring the warmth of nature into their downstairs living space, and we were delighted to assist by offering our eco-friendly woven wood shades.

Yellow Roman window shades in small studio

Vibrant Roman Shades in Castaic


Lynn Friedrich, a Castaic resident, wanted to add a pop of color to her small studio.

A small living room with Roman shades and custom made curtains

Roman Shades and Curtains in West Hills

West Hills

Scott Wagner’s space now boasts a perfect blend of style and functionality, thanks to our expert window treatment solutions.

Spacious master bedroom with motorized shading system

Motorized Window Shades for Westwood Bedroom


Experience modern luxury in Kristen Fujieki’s Westwood master bedroom, courtesy of Master Blinds’ motorized window shades.

A view on a barn roof with skylight window

Electric Skylight Shading System near Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills

Elevate your barn’s ambiance near Woodland Hills with Master Blinds’ tailored electric skylight shading system.

A view at a luxury vacation suit with elegant curtains and drapery

Luxury Window Curtains and Drapery in Calabasas


Master Blinds, in collaboration with Raymond Johnson, transformed his luxury vacation studio in Calabasas with exquisite window curtains and drapery.

A view at a living room with heavy drapes

Enhance Your Modern Living Room in Pasadena with Custom Blackout Drapery


Master Blinds, the leading provider of custom window treatments, presents the beauty and functionality of custom blackout drapery in Pasadena.

A view at a luxury family room with custom drapery on tall windows

Luxury Living Room in Calabasas with Custom Drapes and Curtains


Master Blinds, your trusted window treatment experts, brings unmatched elegance and functionality to Calabasas.

A view at motorized roller shades 2

Motorized Roller Window Shades in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach

Master Blinds, serving Hermosa Beach, provides premium window treatments to enhance the comfort and convenience of your bedroom.

A view at custom window treatments

Nursery with Custom Window Treatments in Culver City

Culver City

Elevate your nursery’s ambiance with our exquisite shades, draperies, and blinds.

A view at curtains and drapes 2

Custom Curtains and Drapes in Venice


Transform your dining room in Venice with exquisite custom curtains and drapes from Master Blinds. Our expert team specializes in creating stunning window treatments that perfectly complement your style and enhance the ambiance of your space. 

A view at custom drapery

Custom Drapery Window Treatments in Northridge


Master Blinds is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality custom drapery window treatments that are both functional and stylish.

A view at drapes and roller shades

Custom Drapes and Roller Window Shades in Northridge


Master Blinds provided custom drapes and roller window shades for Natalie Gedge’s home in Northridge. Get high-quality blackout shades and more from our agency today!

A view at Lutron motorized drapery in living room 2

Lutron Motorized Drapery For Open Plan Living Room, Cudahy


Master Blinds’ design team began the work with Mr. McGee by providing a free in-home consultation on new Lutron motorized drapery for their specific open plan living room.

Dorothy Ames

1 month ago

Master Blinds exceeded my expectations! With the help of Interior Designers Inc., I was looking for high-quality window coverings to transform my home. Master Blinds delivered with custom curtains and blinds that fit perfectly in my high-ceiling hall space. Their expert installation created a stunning visual impact. The level of service and expertise is unmatched. I highly recommend them!

Maria Neil, Porter Ranch

3 weeks ago

The attention to detail and the seamless integration of functionality with aesthetics truly showcase their expertise. I’m thrilled with the result! Thanks to Master Blinds for bringing my vision to life!

Tess Kris

2 months ago

Master Blinds exceeded my expectations with their impeccable installation of vinyl blinds in my hotel rooms. The transformation is remarkable, and my guests love the enhanced ambiance. Truly top-notch!

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Schedule a Free Virtual or In-home Consultation

Book a no-obligation appointment for an in-depth consultation with experts from the #1 local, family-owned & operated window treatment business in the greater Los Angeles area. Master Blinds designers are here to help make your window shading wishes come true.

Faux Wood Blinds

These wood imitation window treatments can look as good as the real thing, without the extra maintenance. Wood blinds are beautiful and have a classic, wholesome look that’s got great appeal. They’re a real decor enhancement, no doubt. But faux wood blinds have that too. Only, they don’t need special maintenance to keep their looks. Faux wood blinds are a window treatment choice that many nearby home and business owners opt for. There are all sorts of textures you can pick. Your new custom faux wood blinds can also create a light filtering pattern that’ll help you make the most out of natural sunlight.

Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

To say that making shades for windows is the bread and butter of the team here at Master Blinds would be an understatement. But windows aren’t the only type of glass panels that properties in or close to Los Angeles have. For those who need blinds for sliding glass doors, Master Blinds is the source. You’ve got just as vast a selection of motorized shades and light filtering blinds for patio doors. And the customization options are just as extensive. More so, in fact. A larger surface area means more room for creativity, after all.

Custom Made Blinds Near You

Master Blinds specializes in custom making window treatments. Why? Because some window sizes are standard – but standard is not for everyone. If you have beautiful, tall floor-to-roof windows at your Calabasas home, you may want a certain type of light filtering shades to complement the decor. If your Glendale office was recently renovated and you want new blackout blinds for extra privacy, then room darkening Roman shades can do that and more! From Simi Valley to the farthest reaches of the greater Los Angeles area, Master Blinds covers it all. Literally.

Your clients love it and you earn more!

Our Partners Program

Master Blinds collaborates with interior designers, architects, and contractors across a range of residential and commercial sectors. We take care of everything from start to finish, streamlining the blinds design & installation process and helping you reap the benefits.

Different Controls For Motorized Shades

Choosing motorized blinds is a great idea. A smart window shades system can improve the ambiance of your indoors area in multiple ways. Automatic shades allow for easier and better climate control. This high-tech shading solution is a wonderful enhancement that looks great and makes controlling natural light a breeze. You’ve got all sorts of control methods to choose for your motorized shades. From giving Alexa voice commands to a few touch screen clicks on your smartphone. Even the old fashioned motorized blinds with remote controls are a popular option. With products and motors from Somfy and Lutron, any type of control you want for your custom made motorized shades is possible.

Insulating Cellular Shades

Your window coverings can do more than block or filter sunlight. With cellular shades, you can prevent a lot of heat loss and keep the desired indoor temperature more easily. Cellular shades can insulate from noise as well, and their honeycomb structure makes them an eye-catching addition to any room. Blackout cellular shades for bedrooms are a wonderful addition that can even help you cut back on your energy bill. The same goes for light filtering cellular shades, which you can have set up in your office or living room. Anywhere where you want to enjoy natural sunlight without having it affect your indoor climate. Master Blinds has helped a lot of Los Angeles homeowners keep their properties cooler with custom cellular shades. The experts here are happy to do the same for you.

Layered Shades For Your Home or Office

What makes layered shades so great for residential and commercial buildings? Their functionality, for once. Layered shades allow you to switch from blackout to light filtering modes with a simple tug or a remote control click. Motorized layered shades are particularly great for office spaces that need their window treatments to have a high-tech feel. But these striped coverings are also fantastic for dining rooms and various other residential areas. The sheer/blackout slats alternate as they move on top of each other. You decide which setting works best for you right now. A moment later, you can change the position of your layered shades and set them to any level of light filtering you want. They’re an excellent window covering choice for many Los Angeles offices and homes.

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