Spacious living room with blackout blinds on a tall windows

Blackout Shades in Bedrooms Facilitate Sleep

To protect your health and wellness, darkening your Los Angeles bedroom before going to sleep is imperative. With custom blackout shade solutions, you ensure complete coverage of bedroom windows to eliminate the presence of light from outdoors at all hours, creating the ideal conditions for better rest.

A close look at a desk near the window covered with white blackout blinds

Room Darkening Shade Systems for Doors & Skylights

Cover larger openings with blackout shades to ensure protection from harsh sunlight and maintain privacy. Perfect for sliding glass doors and ceiling skylights, blackout shading systems give you total control over sunlight management, with made-to-size measurements that ensure coverage regardless of shape.

A woman presses a button to pull down blackout blinds in a bathroom

Motorized Blackout Shades – Smart Sunlight Management

Energy efficiency has become the driving force behind a lot of interior decor changes. Smart Lutron motorized blackout shades create a smooth control system for daylight that let you utilize or block it at will. Add remote control blackout shades to your Los Angeles residence and enjoy efficient exterior light management day or night.

Custom Designed Sunlight Blocking Window Coverings

Let’s find the perfect combination of materials, opacity, and style with a custom blackout shade system perfect for your living spaces or commercial properties. For more details and in-depth advice, arrange a free in-home consultation with our expert shade system designers.

A female hand holds a cord for blackout blinds


Pull down the shades for complete blackout solutions.

A woman is holding remote control for blackout shades for her kitchen windows


Darken any room with the press of a button.

Blackout blinds with wall mounted controls


Instant privacy and eye relief at the flip of a switch.

Blackout Shades – Best Features

Create total privacy with room darkening window coverings.

White bedroom with dark grey blackout blinds

Blackout Shades for Darker Bedrooms

Enhance your sleep and wellness by blocking out unwanted sunlight and streetlight glow at all hours with blackout window shades.

A modern office with tall windows covered with motorized blackout blinds

Comfortable Indoor Environments

Opaque blackout shades eliminate hard sunlight and glare to give your eyes a rest and ensure a pleasant ambiance indoors.

A modern bathroom with blackout blinds on the windows

Enhance Privacy With Blackout Shading

With complete opacity, blackout shades serve to keep prying eyes at bay and preserve your privacy 24/7.

Industries Best Served by Blackout Shades

Restaurants and Hotels

Custom blackout shades provide 24/7 exterior light management for creating comfortable indoor environments day or night.

An architecture office space with blackout blinds on windows

Architecture Firms

With plain or elaborate designs, blackout shades enable different interior design schemes and styles while offering added sunlight management utility.

A hospital ordination with blackout blinds

Fitness and Health Care

Fitness and health care, will represent, will be linked to: Solve the problem of harsh sunlight and lack of privacy with fully opaque blackout window shades for clinics, gyms, and more.

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Create Comfort With Blackout Shade Systems

Harness the power of complete opacity to control daylight in any indoor space, creating beautiful aesthetics with amazing utility. From manual to motorized, blackout shade solutions enhance privacy and coziness in any room. Book an appointment for a free in-home consultation to find the ideal blackout shade system for your needs.

Warranty & Safety

Learn about our extensive warranty (from 5-years to lifetime) and the reliability of our manufacturing that ensures quality craftsmanship and smooth operation for all our window treatments.

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