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Blinds for Los Angeles Businesses

The best custom made blinds for your businesses don’t stay limited to one particular option. You can pick all sorts of window treatments to complement the décor and provide utility as sunlight filtering covers. Commercial blinds for Los Angeles business establishments have just as varied and expansive a selection as ones for homes. Master Blinds helps businesses find the right shade systems for their needs. Whether you’re looking for motorized blinds or other shade solutions to cover windows, glass walls, or skylights, our specialists will ensure you pick the best features and aesthetics for your property.

Commercial Blinds – Sunlight Control

Controlling light is key for any premises, whether it’s an office building, a hospital, or a shop of some kind. Your employees need a work environment that gives them enough natural light to do their jobs, without exposing them to uncontrolled glare and UV radiation. Our commercial window treatments are specifically designed to meet these needs, with a wide range of different styles available as well, including motorized roller shades and other high quality options.

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Versatile Hotel Room Blinds

Manage a bed & breakfast or a larger temporary lodging establishment? We’ve got custom designed window blinds to offer you that provide privacy and complete sunlight control 24/7. You can go with a straightforward roller shades set or motorized blinds with Wi-Fi remote control features. Bluetooth is another option. Your Los Angeles hotel blinds can give your rooms a beautiful look that makes guests feel relaxed and content. Blackout blinds serve as excellent privacy assuring window treatments. Cellular shades help conserve energy efficiently. Every customer has a range of suitable options just waiting to be explored.

Local Window Covering Services

Before you make an order with our company, take full advantage of the free consultation appointments our team offers. Our experts will come to you and assess your exact requirements, presenting you with a variety of options designed to suit your needs. They’ll run you through the various materials available to you and their different advantages, such as improved light control, ease of maintenance, and insulation enhancement. There are many different finishes that our company can provide, so naturally, style and design will be major considerations as well. Our representative will also take careful measurements of the windows in every installation location, in order to ensure your new blinds are a perfect fit.

Working area with a grey roller shades on a multiple windows

Office Window Shade Systems

Décor is an aspect of office shades that often gets neglected. But it shouldn’t be! Office spaces need to have a sense of interior décor that contributes to employee productivity and bolsters it. Drab and tedious designs will lead to less productive and motivated workers. Custom blinds for Los Angeles office spaces can flaunt a wide range of designs for different needs. You can choose Roman shades for maximal stylish additions or even bamboo roller shades motorized for a plain and functional window covering option. Consulting with our professionals will help you choose office blinds or shades that meet your requirements the best. From beautiful designs to a wide range of features, our commercial window treatments have something for every office, big or small.

Choosing The Right Design

Internal decoration might not be high on your business’s list of priorities, but it’s still important to create a light, airy working environment. Choose from a wide selection of different designs and styles that provide a clean, spacious feel, allowing natural light to disperse widely. Make your employees and any visitors feel comfortable with a well-chosen set of commercial window coverings. Cellular shades and bamboo or faux-wood blinds (or real wooden ones) are some of our many favorite options.

A man is standing in front of big office window covered with vertical blinds

Vertical Office Blinds

Remember those classic window treatments in eighties movies? Well, they’re not out of fashion. They’re retro! Custom vertical blinds for Los Angeles office spaces give a chic vintage vibe that’s hard to beat! The main attraction point of vertical blinds is their ability to easily cover large areas. Window walls, which you can often find in office spaces, benefit from vertical blinds covers the most. The large surface area makes regular treatments less ideal. However, with vertical blinds installed in your office you can get that cool, classic vibe easily. Find out more with  a free quote combined with in-person consultation (that’s free as well!). We make vertical blinds from vinyl, aluminum, and even faux wood materials. You design, we install.

Caring For Commercial Window Treatments

Maintenance is a constant requirement for any business establishment, and when you have a lot of blinds to look after it’s important to know they’re easy to take care of. All our company’s window coverings are designed with easy maintenance in mind, being both durable and easy to clean. Our company even offers a 5-year warranty with every product, so you can be certain your new blinds will be of the best quality available today.

The Best Blinds and Shades For Your Business

Our team here at Master Blinds is ready and waiting to help you with all the window covering needs your commercial property may have. To find out what our team can offer you, and to book a free consultation with our experts, simply give us a call or use our online system to schedule an appointment.

Shade Solutions For Commercial Buildings

Our expert design team helps commercial property builders find the ideal manual and motorized window treatments for all sorts of buildings in the LA area, from office spaces to hotels to doctor’s clinics and more. Find the perfect custom shade solutions for any commercial need with in-person help.

A modern hotel room with privacy window shades

Custom Interior Décor

Create beautiful interior design enhancements for all commercial properties including office spaces, hotel rooms, clinics, and more with made-to-measure window treatments customized to fit each property’s aesthetic.

Bright minimalist reception hall with a black blinds on a windows

Optimize Sunlight Management

Better plan interior comfort with custom window treatments for commercial establishments that offer the right opacity level for each room.

Snack bar with big blue vertical window blinds

Commercial Blinds at Scale

Find the ideal window covers for multiple offices, stores, or other commercial properties for a cohesive look and effective sunlight management solutions.

Big window coverings in a cafe restaurant Big window coverings in a cafe restaurant

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Meet with our amazing commercial window treatment design team and pick the style, colors, and features to suit any commercial property you’re building.

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