A view to medical room with privacy curtains

Motorized Blinds & Shades – Fitness & Health Facilities

With better sunlight management you can create hospitable indoor environments that contribute to the health and wellness of both clients and employees. Custom shade systems and blinds for health & fitness facilities must protect people from harsh sunlight and UV rays, diffusing them to allow soft daylight inside without causing glare or eye strain. Master Blinds helps fitness and health facility managers transform décor and enhance wellness by matching window treatments to the specific needs of each establishment.

A view to a modern gym interior

Motorized Blinds for Gym Windows

People working out and trying to lose weight or stay fit often don’t want passersby to gawk at them while running on the treadmill or the elliptical machine. But there is beauty and utility in large window walls for LA gyms. Motorized blinds and sunlight diffusing Lutron shades can offer you efficient natural light control solutions that also allow for adjustable visibility and privacy levels. Motorized shading solutions can give your LA gym windows different levels of opacity and easy switching between positions. With smart Somfy motorized blinds and sheer Lutron shades, you can reduce energy costs and improve privacy with the push of a button. Find out more about the best blinds for your LA gym with a free estimate on motorized window treatments in custom sizes and designs.

A patient talks to a nurse in recovery room

Smart Shade Systems – Complete Sunlight Control

Health facilities must control external factors in order to create comfortable indoor environments that help patients rest, recuperate, and recover. Our blackout curtains, blinds, and motorized shade systems enable total optimization of daylight management, with smart Lutron and Somfy control features that make increasing or decreasing sunlight presence quick and simple. 

Optimal Window Treatments for Fitness & Health Facilities

AS one of the key factors for determining indoor comfort, sunlight plays a big role in the wellness of both your employees and your clients. Master Blinds helps you find the ideal manual or motorized shade systems for controlling daylight in any lobby or room. Talk to our designers and create the perfect shading solutions for gyms, clinics, and other fitness & health facilities around the greater Los Angeles area.

Dental cabinet with blacout shades on the windows

Blackout Blinds Ensure Comfort & Privacy

With room darkening window treatments, you control sunlight completely, making clinics and other health facilities more relaxing environments.

A view at physiotherapy gym with large glass walls covered with san glare protection shades

Better Gym Privacy

People don’t enjoy being gawked at while they’re working out. With the right shade system or vertical blinds for window walls, you can maintain client privacy at all hours.

Physiotherapist is rehabilitation patients back in medical office with vertical blinds on the windows

Window treatments Made For Wellness

From the correct opacity to calming design patterns, we make our shading solutions to your specific requirements, ensuring relaxation in different medical facilities and even spas and bathhouses.

A view at modern surgery room with roller shades on windows

Optimize Health & Wellness With Custom Shade Systems

The Master Blinds design team is here to help you find the ideal high-end blinds, shades, and other window treatments for your fitness or health facility. Schedule a free in-person consultation with our specialists and start the process of translating the beautiful idea in your head into reality.

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