A firm blackout blinds in master bedroom

Blackout Blinds for Any Window or Door!

We know how essential it is to feel comfortable in your own home. You can’t do this if you don’t have privacy, which is where our window coverings come in. Get total privacy in every room of your house with our custom-built treatments. Blackout blinds for bedroom windows are a great place to start since this ensures you’ll always have privacy (and won’t be woken up by an early sunrise).

That’s not all, though. We offer coverings in every size imaginable, and our blackout blinds for skylights make it easy to keep out unwanted sunlight from above. Of course, you probably have other glass openings in your home or business you’ll want to cover with dark covers, right? Well, we also make blackout blinds for sliding glass doors. They can have vertical vanes or horizontal ones, you decide. We have a vast selection of manual and motorized shade solutions with blackout features.

Large windows covered with firm dark blackout blinds

Room Darkening Blinds

We’re proud to offer our products across the Sherman Oaks area. To help you pick out the ideal custom blackout blinds, we even offer dedicated in-person consultations. Our representatives will show you exactly what we can do for you, take measurements, and answer any questions you have.

Our collection of room darkening blackout window blinds can offer you more than utility, but also various décor improving options too. That’s what sets Master Blinds apart from other businesses. Get in touch today, and we’ll find a time to arrange your free, no-obligation appointment.

A couple in living room that has motorized blackout blinds for window coverings

Motorized Blackout Blinds

What could be better than remote control blinds? It couldn’t be easier to add modern convenience to your property with our range of wired and wireless motorized blackout blinds. These systems are easy to control in any number of different ways, from remote controls to smartphone apps. That means you’ll have no trouble adjusting the levels of natural light in your home, and you can even benefit from improved security.

Homes in the Los Angeles area are generally safe, but you can protect your property even when you’re away on vacation. Motorized blackout blinds can automatically adjust their position when you’re not there, keeping would-be burglars at bay.

Speak to Master Blinds designers near Los Angeles to find out more and schedule a free in-person consultation on new window treatments.

Free In-Person Consultations On Blackout Window Treatments

You’ll be surprised at how versatile our custom blackout blinds can be. With a huge range of different designs and colors to pick from, there’s no limit to what you can create. Start looking for the perfect room darkening window treatments today by scheduling your no-obligation, no-fee consultation. Available to anyone looking for blackout blinds near the Sherman Oaks area.

A lovely vase in front of the window covered with manual controlled blackout blinds


Darken the room with a simple tug or twist.

A woman operating blackout blinds with a remote control


Push the button for instant privacy from battery-powered blackout blinds.

Mounted controls for blackout blinds


Automate your motorized blackout blinds or simply flip a switch for smooth & silent operation.

Why Choose Blackout Blinds

Room darkening window treatments offer ample benefits for different needs.

A cozy master bedroom with blackout blinds for better sleep

Promote Better Sleep

Blackout bedroom blinds enable uninterrupted sleep regardless of outside sunlight conditions, protecting your wellness in the process.

Big office space with blackout blinds

Optimize Work Spaces

Prevent harsh glare and distractions by covering windows with blackout blinds offering complete opacity.

A modern bathroom with blackout blinds on the windows

Privacy Anywhere, Anytime

Use blackout blinds to prevent sunlight from streaming inside and keep your indoor settings private regardless of time of day.

How Blackout Blinds Serve Different Industries

Restaurants & Hotels

Create comfortable indoor conditions by managing sunlight at all hours with blackout blinds made to specific window sizes.

Blackout vertical blinds installed in architect office

Architecture Firms

Transform interior decor with the amazing utility of blackout blinds for all room types.

Vertical blackout blinds in health care center hall

Fitness & Health Facilities

Optimize occupant wellness by managing sunlight exposure and creating total privacy at will with room darkening window treatments.

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Well, as opposed to shades (the two window coverings are often mistakenly interchangeable) blinds are more tactile. They consist of harder slats (often made from wood, vinyl, PVC, etc) which you can adjust to let more or less sunlight in.

Warranty & Safety

Learn about our extensive warranty (from 5-years to lifetime) and the reliability of our manufacturing that ensures quality craftsmanship and smooth operation for all our window treatments.

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