An interior of hotel studio with grey curtains on the balcony doors

Blinds For LA Hotel & Restaurant Windows

The atmosphere inside Los Angeles hotel rooms, Bed & Breakfasts, and restaurants influences the experience to a tremendous degree. For guesthouses and hotels of various sizes, the window treatments add to the welcomed feeling of travellers and guests. With Master Blinds Los Angeles, you can add motorized covering solutions to windows, skylights, and other surfaces to add elegance without spending a fortune.

An interior of cozy restaurant with Curtains and Drapery on the glass doors

Bar & Restaurant Shade Systems

From Roman shades in beautiful styles to draperies and motorized blackout curtains for high-tech elegance, restaurant windows need aesthetic and functional window treatments. You create the right ambiance with proper shade systems custom made for elegant dining experiences or to create a certain diner vibe from the 50s, 60s, or other eras. From bistros to cafés to hotel cafeterias, window shades help create pleasant indoor settings in the dining space, making diners enjoy their meals and sing your praises later.

Inside view of caffee bar with motorized shading system on glass walls

Smart Blinds Improve The Experience

Whether for the hotel room or the dining area, Master Blinds offers custom motorized window blinds solutions with Wi-Fi-enabled remote control features in made-to-measure sizes and designs. You can even save money on energy with cellular shades, honeycomb-style. Get the best prices on professionally installed motorized window blinds for Los Angeles hotels, restaurants, and other lodging and dining establishments. Schedule a free in-person consultation on any manual or motorized window coverings you want for your guesthouse, B&B, restaurant or other.

The Right Blinds For Your Restaurant or Hotel

The expert designers at Master Blinds accompany you through the process step by step, from a free in-person consultation to choose new shade systems for your hotel or restaurant to the final installation of the custom window treatments. Create the decor your business deserves and enjoy personal service, high-end shading solutions, beautiful design options, and state-of-the-art blinds motorization & control features that transform the experience.

Luxurious hotel room with flowing, elegant curtains.

Take Décor to The Next Level

Custom window treatments in elegant designs make hotel rooms and lobbies more inviting to guests and create a hospitality experience that people want to come back to.

A modern and luxury hotel bathroom with stunning view through large windows with motorized coverings

Motorized Shades Enhance Convenience & Comfort

Create the sense of high-end shade management by enabling guests to push a button and transform their rooms from dark to light and back again for better sleep, improved focus, and reduced eye strain.

Minimalist styled dining room in a restaurant

Optimize The Restaurant Experience

Combine window treatment design with motorized features to create the ideal setting for any dining event.

Opulent hotel dining room with Venetian blinds, creating a sophisticated ambiance.

Need New Blinds For Bars, Restaurants or Hotels?

Master Blinds makes your interior design dreams into reality with the perfect custom window treatments to appeal to guests & diners. Book a free in-person consultation to start planning new shading solutions to accommodate your Los Angeles hotel, bar, or restaurant.

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