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Our team has some useful advice to share with every home or business owner looking to get the most out of their window blinds and shades. Take a look at our useful tips to learn more.

You don’t need to compromise on style to get the benefits of room-darkening shades

Blackout shades are really convenient. They can be added to other types of blinds or shades to block out light, and are great not only in bedrooms but in any space where room-darkening is key, such as in a home theater room.

Cleaning non-fabric shades is quick and easy

Clean your non-fabric shades by first wiping them down with a microfiber cloth or vacuuming with the brush attachment. Make sure to work from side-to-side with vertical blinds, or top to bottom with horizontal blinds. Next clean with a mixture of water and detergent to leave them sparkling and looking as good as new. Taking good care of your shading products will make them last and allow you to enjoy them for longer.

Maintain your fabric blinds and shades to keep them looking great

Weekly cleaning for fabric shades doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply vacuum with your brush attachment and spot clean when necessary. At least once a year, take them down and get them thoroughly dry-cleaned. This will keep them in great condition for longer.

Choose shades that don’t become dated too quickly

Selecting fashionable colors for your blinds or shades is fine if you really like the color or you’re happy to change your shades when the trend changes. If you don’t fit into either of these scenarios, consider going for neutral or more classic tones. They tend to date better and work even when you change your home decor. There are various shading products to choose from, so be sure you get ones that don't require more maintenance than what you're willing to do.

Consider safety when you’re choosing your window treatment

Most modern blinds and shades come with safe operation features. If you have young children or pets, always ask if your blinds or shades come with the option of cordless operation, or better yet, consider automated options. If, for whatever reason, your choice is limited to corded shades, make sure you keep it well out of reach.


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