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Motorized Shades

Automatic Blinds | Custom Made Shade, Los Angeles

There’s no reason to keep struggling with those annoying strings on your shades that just get tangled and look messy! Learn how our motorized roller shades will make that all a thing of the past by reading on below.

Simple & Convenient Motorized Shades

Having motorized shades installed means that you can operate them all with a touch of a button! No more dealing with frustrating strings that can leave them crooked or that get stuck, just a simple to use remote control. If you have a smart home system, motorized shades can be connected to it to streamline everything. They can sense when you get home and open up for you, or work to help regulate the temperature by being open or closed at differing times throughout the day. Even without a smart home system, times can be set to close them when it’s time for bed and open them when you wake up in the morning. It just makes life that much easier on you!

Custom Fit For Every Window

Another benefit to these types of shades is the wide variety of cloth to choose from for the shades themselves! Whether you’re looking for a certain color or pattern to match the style of the room itself or want blackout shades for bedrooms and nurseries to ensure everyone can sleep soundly, we’ve got it all covered. You’ll be certain that they’ll block out the light thoroughly as well thanks to our custom sizing. They’ll suit every window in your home, even the oddly shaped ones.

Fast & Trustworthy Service

Master Blinds has been working in the field for years and use the very best equipment around so you know that you’re getting service you can count on to last by contacting us. We’ll come out as soon as possible to measure all of the windows so the shades can be made to the correct size. Then, we’ll return and proceed with the shade installation, after which, we'll test each one to confirm it works perfectly!

Elegance & Convenience – Motorized Drapery

Beautiful drapes can add a touch of drama and class to any room. They can be classy white, modern printed, transparent – and now they can also be motorized! That’s right. With a click of a button, the drape will slide away, elegantly letting the sunlight in. But that’s not all! Our motorized drapery includes special tracks, and various activation options ranging from remotes and apps to voice activation. As for all our other motorized shading products, you can ask for custom size draperies to match any window at your home or business.

It’s Time To Schedule

Why wait any longer to get your appointment booked when you can simply call Master Blinds today! You’ll be so happy you did after you see our wide range of window covering options. For more help and info on automatic window coverings, Master Blinds partnered with the nearest motorized shades makers and designers in LA. With us, you always get the best the market has to offer.

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