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Blinds & Shades in Del Rey CA

Custom Made Remote Control Blinds & Shades

From beautifully stylish Roman shades to blackout vertical blinds for glass patio doors
We can craft any custom window treatment option you want and motorized it any way you wish.
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Blinds & Shades in Del Rey CA

For those in search of beautiful custom blinds for home or office spaces, we've got an assortment of offers. Our specialty lies in making motorized blinds and shades for all types of windows, skylights, sliding glass doors, and more. We use a plethora of different sheer and opaque fabrics and other materials (vinyl, PVC, aluminum, etc) to create window treatments that provide the style and utility every customer wants.

Some Of The Blinds & Shades We Offer:

Roman Shades – Cordless & Pleated

The beauty and elegant look provided by Roman-style coverings leave no doubt. These sort of window coverings have proved time and again their décor contributions offer major aesthetic improvements. Custom Roman shades can fit over skylights, living room windows, and every other room you want to add some elegance too. Many Del Rey locals choose motorized Roman shades, which allow you to improve the interior décor while also having easy remote control covers for the windows. We offer Roman shades in banded, hobbled, fishtail and other variations of styles, including valances and curtains.

Motorized Vertical Blinds in Del Rey CA

Perfect for screen doors, vertical blinds offer you excellent sun-blocking capabilities for larger glass surfaces. These vertical window treatments work great for window walls too, and you can often find them in Del Rey office spaces. Motorized vertical blinds give you remote control over how much sunlight gets into your residential or commercial property. You can move them up and down, or adjust the vanes to a range of degrees. All with the push of a button.

Blackout Blinds For Del Rey Bedrooms & More

Privacy is important for various parts of your home or business. That's why choosing blackout blinds for bedroom windows, office meeting rooms and other areas makes a lot of sense. As the leading source for blackout blinds near Del Rey, we specialize in making custom window treatments that offer complete opacity using different materials. You can choose faux wood blackout blinds for a classic and elegant look (minus the extra maintenance). Want better utility? Our motorized blackout blinds will offer you the perfect way to block off sunlight whenever you so choose.

Exterior Shades & Patio Covers

Need to add some shading to an outdoor area? We've got the perfect solution. Our exterior shades offer anyone near Del Rey a stylish and effective way to protect themselves from sunlight while outside. You can get motorized patio shades to improve your outdoor lounge area, as well as manual exterior shades that you simply tug on to roll down and give you some cover. With a huge selection of waterproof materials and motorized shades for outdoors options, you're bound to find something perfect for your budget, needs, and taste.

Recent Blinds Installation Service Requests in Del Rey CA

Find out what sorts of custom blinds and motorized shades we've installed near the Del Rey area lately. Remember, we offer free estimates on all types of window treatments and exterior shades. So get in touch with us anytime to set up an appointment.

Motorized Blinds Close To Del Rey CA

Motorized Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Brown felt that too much sun had been coming in through his skylight windows, and wanted to change that.
Our Solution: We felt that motorized aluminum blinds would be the best fit. Particularly with self-adjusting sensors. This way, the blinds would automatically close to keep out the sunlight, and Mr. Brown wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. He agreed wholeheartedly, so our professionals got to work measuring the skylights. We installed them once they were made to order, including the sensors, and assured they worked properly.

Henry Brown - Del Rey
Cheap Vertical Blinds Near Miley CA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Knight felt that the blinds currently in her living room windows didn’t look quite right, and were distracting from the rest of the décor.
Our Solution: Our representatives suggested vertical blinds to Mrs. Knight instead of the horizontal ones currently in place. The size and tall nature of her living room windows made for too many busy lines with the horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds would instead make the area seem taller and feel like it has more space. She agreed that this would make the space feel more open.

Deborah Knight - Miley
Faux Wood Blinds Near West LA | Del Rey

Faux Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: Ms. Garza’s home office was allowing in too much sun that could potentially bleach her gorgeous wooden furniture, and she wanted blinds that would prevent this while matching the area.
Our Solution: Ms. Garza decided that faux wood blinds would be best for her office after looking over various options with our team. With this style, she’d have the aesthetic of real wood blinds to match her furniture, but for a more affordable price for her budget. They also would be able to easily block the sun as needed.

Edna Garza - Del Rey

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5-Year Warranty

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