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Are your blinds or shades looking worse for wear after years of use, with tangled or even broken strings that make them hang crookedly? It’s time for an upgrade! Our team offers a vast selection of custom window treatments installation services to give your home or business a fresh new look that you can be proud of. Covering windows is also hugely important when it comes to insulation, privacy, and protecting from sun damage, so make sure you have the best!

We’ve been working in the area for years which means that you can count on us to provide fast and high-quality work thanks to a lot of experience and knowledge. We use the finest equipment and materials available to complete the job swiftly, while ensuring that it will last you for a very long time. Our team strives to always provide the very best work for each and every one of our customers, no matter how big or small the project!

It’s important to find a blind or shade style that complements a room best, be it something simple or more refined. It’s equally vital to determine the right shade of color, texture, or pattern that will best suit the area. Thanks to our consultation and color sampling services, we’ll be able to help you with all of this in no time! Our experts will assist you to find the ideal style and look that will make your home or business look it’s best.

→ Roller Shades

Roller shades are a great choice if you’re looking for something that will quietly and modestly complement a room without overwhelming it. They’re simple and straightforward both in appearance and function, but also are highly customizable when it comes to color and patterns. Their solid, straight lines make them easy to fit into any aesthetic and won’t go out of style. Our color sampling will help you find the perfect color and texture to suit the area, and installation is quick and easy. They can come in both sheer and solid fabrics to allow as much sunlight through as desired.

→ Cellular Shades Installation

If you want ensured privacy, the finest insulation qualities, and noise reduction, cellular shades are your best bet! Their honeycomb structure makes them denser than most types without making them too unwieldy and bulky. This allows them to easily block out sun in the summer to avoid heating up the home, as well as keep heat in during the winter so your energy bill won’t skyrocket. Their solid thickness means that nobody will be able to see inside through them, and is also what muffles noise. Being made of cloth means they’re customizable as well when it comes to color.

→ Layered Shades

A great choice if you’re interested in allowing in some natural light while still being able to shut it out completely as needed are layered shades! These blinds combine traditional blinds with roller style fabric and are composed of thick stripes of solid and sheer cloth, hence the name. If you want to allow in some sun, the sheer fabric will let in a soft glow so you can simply leave them unfurled. Need darkness to sleep or enjoy some TV? The sheer vanes close so only the solid remains to block the light completely. It’s the best of both!

→ Motorized Shades Installation

Take the benefits of roller shades to the next level with this option! If you have any strangely shaped windows that are impossible to find correctly fitting shades for, we can help! We’ll measure each window and have the shade custom made to fit each one so it’ll look perfect. Motorization means that everything is simplified. No more annoying strings to get tangled or broken, just use a remote to adjust them as desired. They move quietly, and can be put on high up windows that would otherwise be completely out of reach! We’ll help you find the best color.

→ Office Blinds Near Northridge

In need of new blinds for your business’ offices, or the one in your home? Our professionals would be happy to lend you a hand! We more than understand the need to find blinds that are simple and toe the line between being modest without being too boring. Using our consultation and color sampling, we can easily find the right match that will look good without being too distracting. We also take care of installation quickly, so there’s no need to worry about delaying work for long! You’ll be right back to taking care of business before you know it.

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