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As pleasant as natural light can be in the home, sometimes you want to be able to easily and swiftly block it out to enjoy a movie in the living room, get some sleep, or protect your furniture and books from sun damage. Our company can help, offering a wide selection of blinds and shades to choose from! You’ll have beautiful new additions to your windows in no time.

Our expert team has been working in the area for years providing reliable installations for customers just like you! When you hire our experts you can rest assured only the best tools and materials are used along with care and attention to detail so you know that there’s no risk of them falling or not working correctly. Our team is friendly and ready to help with free color sampling and consultations as well with finding the perfect match for your home or business.

Your time and convenience are important to us. Our team will be on time and take care of it all as soon as we can. You’ll have your new shades or blinds ready for use and looking gorgeous before you know it! Ordering custom shades takes time, yes – but our company will make sure it’ll never take too long before you can make your vision a reality.

If you’re looking for new blinds for your home office or for an entire office building, our experts are ready to give you a hand! With these types of environments, it’s important to find the perfect balance of pleasant without being distracting, as well as functionality to be able to thoroughly block out any unwanted sunlight so you and others can focus on work. We’ll assist you in discovering blinds that modestly and quietly complement the space while being quick and easy to use when needed.

→ Custom Roman Shades Installation

One of the best choices if you’re interested in an elegant and unique flare for a dining room or otherwise are Roman shades. Rather than rolling up when they’re opened like roller shades, these instead fold up to create a striking look that’s been in style for decades. Thanks to the fabric, they’re also easily customizable to find the right color and pattern to perfectly suit the look of the room. Their solid nature provides privacy too. With use of our color sampling, you’ll have fancy, lovely new shades to enhance the aesthetic of the area in no time!

→ Roller Shades Installation

Roller shades are a simple yet complementary choice for your windows if you want something that’s extremely customizable without going out of style. Their straightforward nature makes them easy to use and great if you don’t want to overshadow the rest of the room with something flashy and big that draws attention. Using our color sampling, you can choose from a huge variety of colors, patterns, and textures to find what looks best. The straight lines they bring make them very easy to apply to any type of room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. They also have blackout options!

→ Cellular Shades Installation

Cellular shades are aptly named for their structure, and because of it are the perfect choice for those focused on privacy, noise reduction, and insulation. These shades are thicker than most without being bulky or taking up a lot of space, and this density to them is what makes them great in these areas. The solid fabric, of which you can choose the color and look of, means that nobody can see inside unless they’re drawn up. It also muffles sound, as well as keeping sunlight out to avoid heating the home and traps heat in during the winter months.

→ Custom Motorized Shades Installation

These shades are an excellent choice for an array of reasons. The custom made factor means that no matter how oddly shaped the window, we’ll make the shade fit it perfectly so it looks great and functions properly. Motorization means ease of use, as you only need the remote or an app on your phone to adjust the shades. You can even use the timer setting to take care of things for you, having them closed or open according to your needs and schedule. This constant movement also gives the impression of someone being home at all times, which helps with the security of your household. That aside – there are a variety of models and designs to fit any style!

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