Blinds, shades, and similar window treatments with cordless builds don’t pose a danger to children the way long cord blinds can. Be sure to consult Master Blinds’ team regarding child safety with any blinds, shades, and other window treatments that are to be installed in rooms occupied or accessible by children, pets, or adults that could be at risk of strangulation.

Choosing Pet & Child-Safe Blinds & Shades

Each Master Blinds shading solution is custom made with child safety top of mind. Cordless blinds systems offer a superior choice for child bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, and other spaces where children or pets may spend significant time in.

Most window treatments can be motorized to offer a safer for kids option, enabling raising and lowering the blinds or shades with a wall switch, keypad, remote control, or connected apps.

Keep your children and pets safe inside your indoor spaces by opting for cord-free and/or motorized blinds and shade systems, made to size. Window blinds cords can pose a strangulation risk to small children as well as cats, dogs, and other pets.

Non-Toxic Window Treatment Materials

Master Blinds is committed to only using non-toxic fabrics, paints, and other materials when crafting new blinds, shades, draperies, or shutters. For eco-friendly options, Master Blinds offers green blinds versions that include bamboo blinds, roller shades, blackout blinds, energy-efficient cellular shades, and more.

Safe Blinds Installation

All Master Blinds installers are fully trained and qualified to complete window treatment installation projects from start to finish, prioritizing worker and homeowner safety. This includes ensuring no loose cords, verifying fixtures were installed safely, and testing electric blinds and shade system performance immediately after installation.

We install our blinds to strict safety standards to ensure they pose no risk at rest, during motorized operation, or when manual adjustment takes place.

In the case of blinds repairs, we urge customers to not engage in DIY window treatment repair attempts. Contact Master Blinds for assistance regarding malfunctions, blinds upgrades, tailoring, or other repairs or overhauls for shade systems of any type, but especially rolling shutters, motorized blinds, drapery, and shades.

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