A woman is closing down cellular shades

A Popular Energy Efficient Choice

For a versatile and modern window covering that makes a stylistic statement, there’s no better option than cellular shades. These shades are available in a range of opacities ranging from sheer to room-darkening, making them a suitable option in every room. Their functionality has made them one of the most popular window treatments today. When closed, the blinds gently filter light, while preserving privacy and delivering superior UV filtration. The shades can be lifted up or lowered down, allowing you to control how you take in the outside view.

A closeup look at a woman's hand using a top up bottom down to open a shade

Simple Form, Extraordinary Function

Cellular shades are available in a variety of colors to complement your décor. The top-down, bottom-up operation of the blinds also makes it possible to combine light-filtering and blackout options on a single shade, so you can have a brightly-lit room during daylight hours and a completely darkened room at night. The fabric shades are also available with double or triple cells to further enhance their insulation and noise absorption. They have a clean, uncluttered appearance and look beautiful on their own or when paired with a boldly printed drape for contrast.

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Why Consider Cellular Shades

The thermal comfort and energy efficiency of cellular shades make them one of the optimal choices for saving costs and maintaining indoor temperatures pleasant. Master Blinds helps provide in-depth advice and guidance via a free consultation, ensuring you find the best choice for your windows and rooms. From single layered shades to triple cellular structures that support more thermal efficiency, we custom make the cellular window shades to suit your requirements in the design you choose.

Cellular Shade Features & Advantages

Cellular shades are no ordinary blinds. Their simple, yet stylish design conceals their sophisticated function. The shades’ air-trapping cells provide excellent insulation to keep your house warm in the winter and cool during the warm summer months. Thanks to this feature, you could see a reduction in your home’s overall energy consumption and costs. These blinds are the perfect choice if you value peace and quiet because they also play a noise-reducing role, which is great if your home is located along a busy street or in the city. Window shading has plenty of benefits, and not all are obvious right away.

A look at cellular shades on a dining room window

Energy Efficient Shades

Save on energy costs by utilizing cellular shades to trap air and buffer your windows from the outside world.

A closeup at cellular triple shade system

Multi-layered Cells

Choose the right level of protection with single, double, or triple cellular shade systems tailored to each room’s needs.

Cellular shades on a bedroom window walls

Cellular Treatments Add Décor & Utility

Enjoy both an elegant aesthetic and functional usage for cellular window shades that enhance décor alongside energy efficiency.

What Cellular Shades Offer You

Combine lovely designs with a practical and effective sunlight and temperature control method and enjoy how cellular shades enhance your interior in multiple aspects.

A view to a two identical windows covered with cellular shades

Smart Designs for Improved Aesthetics

The layered build of cellular shades can help you create a lavish look in any space.

A bedroom window wall with cellular shades

Optimal Thermal Comfort Indoors

Cellular shades provide a famous energy efficiency benefit that enhances sunlight management by helping you control temperature.

A view from her kitchen window next to the sink

Spend Less on Energy

With improved thermal efficiency, cellular shades prevent your HVAC system from working too hard to reach and maintain indoor temperatures.

How Cellular Shades Serve Commercial Spaces

Cellular Shades Bring Energy Efficiency & Style to Different Industries

From hotel rooms to fitness centers to any commercial space where you need to manage thermal comfort and improve energy efficiency, cellular window shade systems have a lot to offer.

A luxury hotel room with cellular shades window coverings

Cellular Shades For Hotel Room Windows

Make guests cozy and comfortable with a simple but effective way to manage indoor thermal comfort.

An atmosphere during a workout in a fitness center

Improve Comfort in Health & Fitness Establishments

Cellular shades help optimize wellness by facilitating greater thermal comfort with lower energy costs.

Are Cellular Shades Right For Your Needs?

Schedule a free in-home consultation with Master Blinds designers to discuss the different advantages of cellular window treatments and see if these energy efficient shade systems offer the ideal covering solution for your interior spaces.

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