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Hidden Hills Window Treatments – Custom Made

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Hidden Hills Window Treatments – Custom Made

You want to keep your property as comfortable as possible. This means getting the right balance between sunlight and shade. You don’t want your rooms to be dark and dingy, without enough natural light. You also won’t want to deal with dazzling rays that give you headaches. You need the correct type of window coverings to get the balance right. Our wide array of different blinds and shades makes it easy to find the perfect ones for your property.

Here Are Just Some Of Our Custom Window Treatments in Hidden Hills CA:

Save Energy With Cellular Shades

Not many Hidden Hills property owners think of window coverings as a way to make their place more energy efficient. You can achieve this with cellular shades, though. These window coverings feature a honeycomb-style structure that insulates windows. This keeps your property at the right temperature more efficiently. You can choose from several different types of custom cellular shade, with single, double, and triple-cell options on offer.

Blackout Blinds – Keep Sunlight Out Of Your Hidden Hills CA Home

You can easily prevent sunlight from getting into a room when you choose custom blackout blinds. Even in the middle of the day, a room with these window coverings can be shady and dark. This is perfect if your kids need to have a nap, or you’re working nights. Blackout blinds are also useful for protecting your privacy. Neighbors won’t be able to see through them even if you have all the lights on inside. Thanks to this, these treatments are often found in bedrooms that face onto the street.

Faux Wood Blinds - Stylish And Practical

Our range of custom faux wood blinds provides excellent options for any home. You can choose window treatments that look just like the real thing, with convincing wood grain. Find the finish that best suits your property, whether that’s a clean timber-effect or painted in a range of colors. Faux wood is an excellent choice for any window covering because it’s efficient. This material is lighter than wood, which makes it more useful for larger windows. It’s also much easier to care for, requiring a lot less maintenance. Why not see how they could look in your Hidden Hills home?

Motorized Shades For Hidden Hills Homes and Office Spaces

Invest in some cutting-edge convenience for your property. Custom motorized shades make things incredibly easy to control since all it takes is the touch of a button. Many modern motorized shades can integrate directly with your smartphone, allowing you to sweep open window coverings with just a tap on your phone. You can do this from anywhere in the house, or even away from it. Remote control shades can also operate themselves, according to how you set them. This can improve security because your shades will alter position during the day. Motorized shades make your property look as if it's is occupied, making burglars think twice before attempting a break-in.

Vertical Blinds For Large Hidden Hills Home Windows (and Sliding Doors)

Whether it’s in your office, your living room or your bedroom, a large window can be both a blessing and a curse. It lets in lots of sunlight, keeping the room bright and airy. But it’s also hard to cover adequately. That means these windows are often the source of glare and dazzle, and can also compromise your privacy. Choose vertical blinds to solve this problem. They’re easy to use and highly effective and are available in many different combinations of colors and materials. Select attractive wooden blinds for your bedroom, or tasteful fabric ones for your Hidden Hills business. Vertical blinds make for a great way to cover sliding glass doors too.

Roman Shades Improve Your Hidden Hills CA Property In Various Ways

These window coverings are some of the most versatile and practical choices around. You can pick your favorite from many different styles of Roman shades. Pleated, fishtail, and flat, for example. Each brings a different aesthetic to a room. Complement this with your choice of color and pattern, providing you with total control over your new treatments. That makes custom roman shades more than just a way of keeping light out. They’re also a great way to improve the decor of any room.

Skylight Shades - Control Overhead Light

Just like any other window, it’s essential to be able to control the natural light coming in through a skylight. Sunlight pouring through these windows can cause your property to overheat quickly, especially on hot days. Choose from our range of skylight shades to find treatments that fit any size of an overhead window. These can help you create a beautiful ambiance with minimal effort. Our skylight shades come in all sorts of variations, so consult with a Hidden Hills-based expert near you to find the best choice.

The Best Window Coverings For Hidden Hills Locals

It’s imperative to find the right treatments for windows in your property. When you choose custom window coverings that provide the perfect levels of natural light, you’ll improve comfort levels considerably. See how you could enhance your property today by contacting the Master Blinds Hidden Hills team today. Schedule a free estimate and see what sort of coverage options you can choose.

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