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Lutron has been working for years to improve energy efficiency in homes to save people money, and now that innovation is available with blinds and shades! You’ll have complete control of lighting both natural and electric in no time thanks to their effective window coverings technology.

Quiet And Fast Movement

You may wonder whether motorized shades would be noisy, or even slow moving. However, nothing could be further than the truth! Motorized blinds or shades with the respected Lutron brand are not only quiet enough to use in nurseries without waking the baby, but move swiftly too so they’ll be shut in a snap. Need to put the baby down at a moment’s notice? Just tap that button and the window coverings will be closed and ready to keep the light out for them.

Low Maintenance And Easy To Use

Motorization may seem like it would make things more complicated, but that’s not the case with Lutron’s products! They run on battery power which means there’s no wiring to deal with, and you’ll simply need to change them now and then with the simple to access panel. They’re just as straightforward to operate as well, with either a remote control, or your very own smartphone! This means coverage for any high up windows that would otherwise be out of reach with manual strings, and being able to adjust them all to the same height without issue for beautiful symmetry.

Smart Home Compatible

Lutron - Innovations in lighting controls

Connecting the Lutron motorized blinds or shades to your smart home system will allow it to move them based on the sunlight and temperature, meaning that it can save you on energy spending! Rather than let sun pour in and heat up your home to require the air conditioning, they’ll move to block it even if you’re not around! They can also be set to open when you wake up, and more.

Why Wait Any Longer?

The time has come to upgrade your home and make your life that much easier in the process! It’s all possible thanks to Lutron’s amazing motorized systems. Contact Master Blinds today to schedule an appointment anywhere in L.A.!


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