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Somfy is one of the leading brands when it comes to motorized blinds and shades, and with good reason! Their innovative technology has been only getting better over the forty years they’ve been in business, and our team is ready to assist you with finding the perfect set for your needs.

High Quality And Reliable

Not only has Somfy been around for years succeeding in making their technology better and better, but they only use the best quality parts and materials to make their products. This means beauty and sturdiness that will last you for a long time all in one! For extra assurance, all Somfy products come with a five-year warranty so you can rest assured that you’re completely covered.

Smart Home Compatible

Somfy - 5 year warrantyIf you’ve already got a smart home system in place, adding your blinds or shades to it is just a no brainer! This way you’ll be able to operate them from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet, even if you aren’t home. You can even use voice commands if you’d like! Along with this ease of use, they can also help you save on energy by adjusting themselves according to the temperature of the room. This avoids losing heat during the winter months, or your home becoming too warm and turning on the air conditioning in the summer ones. All without you having to be there!

Privacy And Safety

Get privacy for a room in just a moment’s notice by having all the shades close at once, or setting timers for them to close at night when it’s time to get cozy! No more running all over the house to do it yourself, all you need is the press of a button. The timers will also give the impression you’re home even if you’re miles away thanks to moving the window covers periodically!

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