Blinds In Compton CA

Thinking about adding new blinds, curtains, or shades to some part of your Compton business/home? Do yourself a favor and see what sorts of custom shading products we can offer you via a free in-person consultation (with a quote). We specialize in crafting all types of covers for outdoors and indoors, for windows, French doors, and sliding glass screens. Our team puts the highest emphasis on quality, with a conscious effort to keep our prices as low as possible.

→ Roman Shades – Hobbled, Flat, Pleated

The beauty and elegance of Roman-style coverings has become popular throughout Compton and all of California, really. These classic covers owe their name to the famous Roman Empire, where they were first invented. The slats of these shades fold as they open, collapsing into each other to create all sorts of valance-like décor improvements. Roman shade with curtains and drapes are always a popular choice. And the sheer variety of materials and styles to choose from makes it easy to find Roman shades that can match and complement your interior décor.

→ Blackout Curtains – Bedroom & Office Windows

As one of the oldest form of coverings, blackout curtains haven’t lost a step. You can choose practically any color you want, and the thickness and opacity of the material ensure these drapery items don’t allow sunlight to pass through. Even white blackout curtains are an option. And let’s not even start talking about the different designs and combinations of valances and drapes.

→ Vertical Blinds – For French/Sliding Doors

Most window treatments consist of horizontal formations of slats. Well, that’s where vertical blinds are certainly different, as their name suggests. These vertical coverings work really well when you install them on large windows and screen doors. The bigger the glass surface, the better vertical blinds will work for it. You can choose vinyl, PVC, faux wood, and even real wood as the crafting material. Whichever option makes your new vertical blinds fit best with the rest of the room’s décor.

→ Motorized Blinds, Shades, and Curtains

With the power of automation and remote control, electric blinds can introduce a whole lot of utility to any Compton room. We can motorized blinds, shades, and various draperies to work with the push of a button or with a smartphone app. Motorized blinds can also integrate temperature and brightness sensors and adjust automatically to maintain a set ambiance you determine. The range of options with custom motorized blinds and shades has something for everyone.

→ Patio Shades For Outdoors

With waterproof materials and beautiful designs, patio shades can give you both shade and style. Choose from a selection of vertical or horizontal cordless and motorized patio shades to allow you to enjoy your deck, courtyard, gazebo or another outdoor area in comfort and ease. Many Compton locals get their custom patio shades from us, and we’re happy to help you too!

→ Plantation Shutters

Looking for a more sturdy window treatment with lots of décor too? The old-timey look of white plantation shutters (or any other color) can serve that purpose. These window shutters offer a certain touch of elegance that’s hard to beat, especially combined with their insulation and security features. Exterior shutters in the plantation-style are also an option. Just call and tell us what you want for your business or home.

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