Bell Window Treatments – Motorized shades & Custom Blinds

Homes and businesses need the right levels of natural light. Too much light makes you squint and causes headaches. Too little makes rooms feel dingy. It’s important to get the balance right, which is why custom blinds and shades are essential. Your local experts at Master Blinds Bell provide all the options you need to find the perfect new window coverings. Choose from custom treatments with many different colors, designs, and materials on offer.

→ Motorized Shades Do The Work For You

Modern technology makes custom motorized shades a great investment. Controlling these units has never been easier. A tap on your smartphone is all you need to adjust natural light levels. Wake up one morning and sweep the curtains wide without leaving the bed. Motorized shades and blinds also provide enhanced security. Automatic adjustment lets your window coverings change position while you’re away. This helps dissuade burglars from breaking in while you’re on vacation or at work. If you want motorized shades for your Bell business or home, you’ll find Master Blinds ready to offer beautiful and high-quality shade systems custom made to your specifications.

→ Vertical Blinds In Many Materials

These blinds are ideal when you have a large window or sliding glass door to cover. Vertical blinds are easily adjusted to suit the levels of natural light required. Custom vertical blinds are available in many different materials, from wood to vinyl and fabric. Thanks to this versatility they are extremely popular in many situations. Vertical window blinds are commonly found in living rooms or bedrooms, where it’s important to provide privacy when necessary. They work extremely well on large sliding doors, like the ones often leading to backyard patios. For commercial purposes, vertical blinds often go on large wall-to-ceiling windows in boardrooms and office spaces.

→ Venetian Blinds Look Smart And Work Excellently

Add a touch of class to your Bell home or business with custom Venetian blinds. Classic designs like these are well-suited to almost any property. They offer excellent light control and can be customized to your exact specifications. Choose from a range of materials including aluminum and faux wood. Find the perfect window treatments for your home or business with custom Venetian blinds.

→ Blackout Curtains Prevent Light Penetration

For rooms where natural light is unwanted, blackout curtains are the perfect investment. This material prevents light from penetrating into the room at all. This is ideal if you need to sleep while it’s still light outside. It’s also extremely useful if your home is overlooked by neighboring buildings. Custom blackout curtains are also available in plenty of different colors and designs. Simply talk to the experts in Bell to see what your choices are.

→ Roller Shades Provide Simple Light Control

Offering plenty of privacy and effectiveness in a simple package, roller shades are extremely popular. These window coverings can be created in a huge range of different colors and styles. This opens up many options for your interior design choices. Custom roller shades are a great choice when you need light control and privacy in a slim package. That’s why they’re found in many Bell kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.

→ Cellular Shades Offer Thermal Insulation

Coming in a simple and slim package, custom cellular shades are an excellent choice. The innovative honeycomb material traps air, meaning that these window coverings offer improved thermal insulation. That’s an excellent benefit for any property. Cellular shades also offer great light control, dispersing glare and providing privacy for a property’s occupants. These are a popular product with Bell homeowners, so get in touch to see how your home could be improved.

→ Roman Shades – Classic And Elegant

One of the most popular ways to control natural light is with custom roman shades. These window coverings offer all the benefits of other window treatments while still being simple and versatile. Choose the perfect colors and patterns to match your room. Roman shades are easy to install in almost any area and are very simple to use. That makes them a go-to choice for many business and homeowners. They come in pleated or flat designs of varying types. You can even go with cordless Roman shades for a child’s bedroom.

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