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Blinds & Window Treatments - Eagle Rock CA

It’s frustrating when you’re dealing with dim rooms and unwanted glare at your home or business. This can easily lead to headaches, as well as a property that feels uncomfortable and unwelcoming. Many property owners simply put up with this, not realizing that there’s a better way. Our custom window coverings are the solution. You need the right treatments for each window in the property, whether that’s stunning roman shades or convenient motorized blinds. Take a look at the many different products we supply in Eagle Rock. Our team is always ready to help, so get in touch today for more information.

Choose Your Perfect Custom Window Coverings In Eagle Rock CA

Roman Shades For Beautiful Aesthetics

Perhaps one of the most attractive types of window covering around is our line of custom roman shades. We offer a vast number of different choices when it comes to creating your new roman shades. Decide on which type of material you want, what pattern it should have, and what color is best for your room. Choose from stunning styles like fishtail or pleated roman shades, which add an extra level of customization to your new window treatments. These shades are perfect for local Eagle Rock homeowners thanks to their high quality and attractive design options.

Cellular Shades Offer Impressive Thermal Insulation

It’s expensive to climate-control your property. Whether it’s keeping cool in summer or warm in winter, a lot of the energy you use within the property gets lost through the windows. If you can keep this to a minimum, you’ll save on your energy bills. That’s when you need our custom cellular shades. These window coverings are designed with several (between one and three) honeycomb-style layers that trap air and prevent energy from leaking out through the windows. Find custom cellular shades in Eagle Rock that fit any window size.

Skylight Shades Are An Essential Window Covering

Natural light entering your property through the skylight needs to be properly controlled. Our extensive range of skylight shades is perfect for ensuring you get the most out of these overhead windows. Pick your favorite from a wide selection of different styles and designs, with options to suit any room. You can be sure of finding a skylight shade that fits any window in your property. Simply get in touch with the window covering experts near you in Eagle Rock to find out more.

Use Vertical Blinds To Improve Large Windows

There are plenty of properties in the Eagle Rock area which feature large windows or glass sliding doors. Vertical blinds suit very well for these sort of openings. Screen doors and tall windows provide plenty of natural light, but also pose a potential problem. It can be challenging to prevent dazzling sunlight raking through the windows, or neighbors from peeking into your property. Either issue is enough to make people feel uncomfortable. Use our range of custom vertical blinds to provide proper cover for these large windows. Decide on a material such as fabric, metal, or wood, and choose a color that suits any room.

Faux Wood Blinds Look Great

We provide a wide range of custom faux wood blinds, which offer many benefits to Eagle Rock property owners. These window coverings have a compelling grain effect, which makes it almost impossible to tell that they’re not actually wooden. Faux wood blinds don’t just look as good as the real thing, they’re much more practical as well. You won’t need to spend as much time cleaning them, they won’t suffer from humidity, and they’re lighter as well. Choose faux wood blinds for your property to gain all of these benefits.

Venetian Blinds Provide Privacy In Style

These window coverings are the go-to choice for many property owners in Eagle Rock. This is because Venetian blinds are a tried-and-tested way to provide excellent privacy in any room. Not only do they let you control light with the twist of a control rod, custom Venetian blinds also look great, too. Our range of window treatments can be supplied in a massive selection of different colors and materials, allowing you to match a room’s decor easily. From sleek and modern to rustic and comfortable, it’s easy to find the right Venetian blinds for any property.

Motorized Blinds - Modern Comfort And Convenience

Today’s motorized blinds provide a new level of convenience. Remote control blinds are one thing, but the systems available today can be controlled directly from your smartphone. This means you can easily alter natural light levels, or check that different parts of your property are adequately covered, from anywhere in the world. These motorized blinds are available in a huge range of styles and designs, so you’ll never have to compromise on looks just to get this cutting-edge convenience.

Custom Window Treatments For Eagle Rock & Nearby

It’s never a bad idea to explore the right window coverings for your Eagle Rock property. With our free in-person consultation process in your area, you’ve got nothing to lose. Why not get in touch with Master Blinds team today, to find out how we can help you? Might as well get a free estimate and see how much your dream window shades can look and cost.

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