Blinds & Shades Nearby Pomona CA

Choosing the best window treatments for your home or office matters a great deal. Some blinds and shades can accentuate the best qualities of a room and make the indoor environment more pleasant and cozy. Others won’t do as good a job. Plus, you’ve got things like motorized blinds and all sorts of blackout shades and curtains which can add a lot of utility to the room. If you’re looking to consult with experts on window blinds near Pomona, give us a call for a free estimate & consultation.

The stylistic choice of Roman-style coverings are so diverse you can go wild in terms of design. Pomona locals interested in our custom Roman shades have everything from fishtail to hobbled to all sorts of pleated styles to even flat designs to choose from. You just need to decide which style and color best work for your interior décor. You can also get Roman shades with curtains and drapes to maximize elegance while also having excellent protection from harsh sunlight.

Whether for an office or a residential home, motorized window treatments make for an excellent investment. You can control electric blinds with a remote, saving yourself the trouble of having to physically go and start raising or lowering them. Plus, in today’s day and age, you’ve got all sorts of smartphone operated motorized blinds as well as self-adjusting window coverings with special sensors. Basically, if you’re looking for a little convenience or complete automation, with motorized blinds and shades you can get either.

→ Blackout Curtains For Bedrooms & More

While very popular in bedrooms, blackout curtains can suit all sorts of rooms. Want to add blackout drapery to your Pomona office too? That can give you great privacy and complete sunlight protection during the hottest hours of the day. Blackout curtains come in all sorts of customizable designs (including valances if you want) so in terms of style, the variety is huge.

→ Vertical Blinds in Pomona CA

The classic style is horizontal, but vertical blinds make for an excellent choice for all sorts of windows and sliding doors. The upward direction of the vanes makes vertical blinds the perfect choice for large windows. When it comes to large glass surfaces, these vertical coverings can do a much better job of blocking sunlight and giving you privacy. Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors offer much better results than their horizontal counterparts. Plus, you can get them custom made from wood, faux wood, vinyl, and various other materials. And don’t forget, motorized vertical blinds are also an option.

→ Custom Plantation Shutters

Want something with a little more heft? We’ve got faux and real wooden plantation shutters to offer your Pomona home or business. With these hard window treatments, you can block sunlight, give the room a very stylish elegance, and even add some insulation and security. It’s no wonder why plantation shutters are so popular throughout the West Coast and California in general.

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