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Make sure that you’re getting the best when it comes to blinds and shades! You want something that you can rely on to last you for a long time, while also beautifully suiting the area it’s in. That’s where our professional team comes in! Thanks to our wide array of choices as well as our free consultations and color sampling, it’ll be no problem to find exactly what you need in no time. It’ll all be taken care of right away!

Our company is so confident that you’ll adore your new window treatments, that all of our products come with five year to lifetime warranties depending on what type you select! This way you won’t need to worry and can simply enjoy the new additions to your household or business. Along with this, our experts will also ensure that it’s all done quickly so your busy schedule won’t be held up for long waiting for help! Our main concern is that you end the experience completely satisfied.

Thanks to years of experience, our team will be able to assist you in deciding on the best fit for whatever your needs may be! From something that will completely block out light and allow you to get an amazing night’s sleep, to a beautiful sheer set that will give you the best of both UV ray protection and natural lighting, our company has it all for you to match any style at a fair price.

→ Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the best and easiest way to cover large windows in the home, particularly for your sliding glass door! That’s because their length will easily cover them and look much better than horizontal blinds do. It gives the area an elongated look that makes it feel bigger, rather than a bunch of busy lines that happen with long horizonal blinds. This makes them great for living rooms, sitting rooms, and other such areas! They’ll protect your furniture from damaging UV rays that will bleach out the color, and can give you privacy as needed in no time too.

→ Solar Shades

If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, solar shades are an excellent choice! While they may be slightly more expensive than some styles, they make up for it in the long run by helping to conserve energy for you. These shades will effectively keep out heat in the summer months so your home won’t heat up as easily and require you to run the air conditioning as often, thus saving you on energy. It also blocks out damaging sunlight while still allowing you to see outside easily, making them perfect for living rooms, studies, and more!

→ Motorized Drapery

Get the classic elegance of draperies combined with the modern ease of motorized window coverings all in one! Drapes look gorgeous in rooms with a lot of space and larger windows, as they help to provide a flowing flare. They come in varying patterns and colors of cloth as well to suit the dining room, bedroom, or anywhere else you have in mind. Motorization means they’ll move with ease for you with the press of a button rather than annoying strings, and can be set to timers to open when you wake up and close when you go to bed.

→ Faux Wood Blinds In Calabasas CA

Faux wood blinds will allow you the natural and classic look of wooden blinds without the cost! They look beautiful in offices and areas with wood furniture for it to match, and the varieties of wood staining and color will give them a unique and lovely look. They’re thicker than many other types of blinds which makes them great for insulation purposes, helping to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer to avoid spending more on energy. They also resist moisture better than regular wood blinds to avoid any swelling, and nobody will know the difference.

→ Pleated Shades

Pleated shades come in two different sizes so they can be suited to both large and small windows, making them customizable according to the needs of the room without making it look too busy with lines. They’re also easy to clean, which makes them great for kids’ rooms! The thicker quality of the material makes them more insulating than some other styles which can help with energy efficiency, along with choosing a thicker fabric type. They do well in rooms with have multiple windows, as the lines running across create a solid, pleasing aesthetic in living rooms, bedrooms, and more.

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