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Sunlight makes any room feel more spacious, open, and airy. Many properties are designed to maximize natural light in every room. However, without the right window coverings, it’s impossible to get the most out of your property. You will find that poor window coverings don’t let in the right amount of light. They may also not prevent the dazzle and glare that often cause headaches for a room’s occupants. You may also feel uncomfortable thanks to a lack of privacy. All of these issues can be addressed with our full range of custom window coverings. Whether you own a home or a business in Lakewood, we provide the high-quality treatments you need for your property.

→ Skylight Shades – Avoid Overhead Glare

Homes and businesses that have skylights can often lack proper coverings. This leads to unwanted sunlight during the day. We can create skylight shades to fit any size window, making it easy for you to prevent unwanted sunlight. This is perfect when you need to keep a room cool during the day or get a little extra privacy during the evening. Choose from our wide range of skylight shades today, or schedule a free consultation.

→ Blackout Blinds For Privacy In Your Lakewood CA Property

Our selection of custom blackout blinds provides you with the last word in great-looking light control. Keep natural light to an absolute minimum with these highly effective window coverings. You won’t have to sacrifice the high level of customization that we always offer, either. Choose blackout blinds in many different colors and styles, to suit any room. Whether you need to keep a room dark when the sun’s out or improve privacy, our range of blackout blinds is perfect for your needs.

→ Cellular Shades Improve Insulation

Our range of custom cellular shades gives you a smart way to cut down on energy bills. At many homes and businesses, energy is lost through the windows. This makes it hard to keep the property warm in winter or cool in summer. You’ll end up spending more on climate control. To help prevent this loss, install custom cellular shades. These window coverings are specially-designed to trap air within one to three layers of special honeycomb-style material. This makes it easy to keep your property at a comfortable temperature without spending more on energy costs.

→ Roman Shades Bring a Classic Style

We believe that roman shades are some of the best-looking window coverings you can find. We provide a fantastic selection of different styles, which includes options such as flat, pleated, or fishtail designs. You can use these to create custom roman shades that perfectly suit any room. Choose the combination of colors and designs that makes your Lakewood property look amazing. Remember, roman shades don’t just look great. They’re also a very effective way to make sure a room is private and comfortable, no matter how sunny it is outside.

→ Vertical Blinds For Screen Doors

Choose our custom vertical blinds to provide a fast and effective covering for large windows. Big expanses of glass, such as those found on sliding patio doors, can often cause issues. They’re hard to effectively cover, leaving your property exposed to dazzling rays and prying eyes. Our vertical blinds are the perfect way to avoid these problems. These window coverings are easy to adjust, so you’ll never have to worry about keeping them in the right position. You can also choose between plenty of different materials such as fabric, vinyl, and wood, making it easy to find the ideal design for any room.

→ Venetian Blinds – A Classic Design

One of the most widely-used window coverings in the Lakewood area, Venetian blinds are a classic design for a reason. These window treatments are an easy way to control light levels in any room. Our impressive selection of different options means your new shades can look just as good in the boardroom as the bedroom. Create the perfect set of Venetian blinds for your property, choosing between many different colors and a wide range of materials.

→ Motorized Shades Offer Modern Convenience

We offer motorized shades for your convenience. Our selection includes a wide variety of different products, including remote control shades as well as smart units that you can control with your smartphone. Choose motorized shades that are wirelessly-powered, and can be installed anywhere you need them. We’re proud to say that our selection of window coverings always includes a full range of designs and colors. You won’t be restricted at all when choosing your new motorized shades.

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