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Window Treatments Los Angeles - Custom, manual/motorized & more

As wonderful as natural sunlight can be, it can also cause a lot of trouble without a way to block it when you need to! Sunlight heats up your home if it’s allowed to pour inside, particularly during summer, and it can irreparably damage furniture and books by bleaching out the color. Being able to cover your windows also affords you precious privacy and even noise reduction, so make sure you have the best available to achieve all of these factors!

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From the first (and free!) consultation to the actual installation, you can count on our team to be professional, transparent, and friendly! Our experts work hard to provide the finest work around by applying their years of experience and use of the best tools to each job. Our team will always arrive on time and give care and attention to detail with our services to ensure that everything works beautifully. This also means our projects will last you for a long time with sturdy installation that will easily endure.

Experts You Can Count On

Our team’s highest priority is satisfying you, our customers! That’s why we’re glad to provide free color sampling and consultation services so we can assist you in finding the perfect style of blind or shade for your home or business. Whether you’re looking for something regal, or simple and complementary to any space, we’ll help you to get the best fit for any room. That way it’ll be something you can be proud of!

Here Are Some Of The Products We Provide in Los Angeles CA:

Fabric Roman Shade Installation

When you have a room that requires a sense of elegance while providing privacy and light blocking as needed, fabric Roman shades are a great choice. They’ve been popular for decades with good reason, having been used since Roman times as the name suggests! Rather than simply rolling up, these shades instead fold when drawn to create a distinctive look unlike any other and come in a variety of colors. Whether you have a dining room that needs sprucing up with a beautiful addition, or want your bedroom to feel like it belongs to royalty, this is the best choice.

Roller Shades Installation

Roller shades are a simple but extremely effective way to take care of your needs, providing a slim and easy to use way to block out light. They’re very useful for rooms or areas where space is limited, especially apartments, as they don’t take up much room unlike some types of blinds or shades. They’re versatile in fabric type as well, with an array of colors and patterns and many choices when it comes to allowing in some natural light, from sheer to total blackout. They’re also the most affordable choice if you’re on a budget, and a timeless classic.

Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are not only very customizable when it comes to color thanks to being made of fabric, but they have additional benefits due to their composition! The honeycomb-like structure provides more thickness than most other types, which makes them great for noise reduction. If you want to reduce energy waste, they’re also excellent for insulating purposes! They’ll keep heat trapped inside rather than escaping out through the cold window panes in winter and repel sunlight easily in the summer instead of letting it in to heat up your home. The solid nature of them easily ensures your privacy too.

Layered Shades in Los Angeles CA

These shades feature thick stripes of sheer and solid fabric that allows them to combine the best of both when it comes to traditional and roller blinds! If you want an option that gives you more control over how much sunlight is able to enter your home without glare or it being direct enough to damage furniture, this is the perfect pick. The sheer fabric allows in a soft light for such situations, but these vanes can also be closed so the solid fabric blocks the sun completely if you’d rather have no light at all.

Motorized Shades Installation

Having motorized shades provides a variety of benefits for your home, not the least of which is ease of use! Rather than struggling with strings that can leave your shades cockeyed or at varied heights, instead use a remote to get them to the perfect spot! They work quietly, making them perfect for bedrooms or nurseries to avoid disturbing anyone sleeping, and can be set on timers according to your schedule! They even assist in providing security to the home by making it seem like someone’s around even if you’re away on vacation! They’re made to fit any sized window.

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5-Year Warranty

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