Blinds, Shades & Custom Window Coverings Near Citrus CA

Many home and business owners put up with dazzling sunshine and dingy rooms. People often feel like there’s not much they can do about it. However, with the right window coverings, you can manage these issues easily. Choose from our wide selection of custom blinds and shades, all of which can be designed to your exact specifications. From cellular shades that trap heat to stylish Venetian blinds, you’ll be sure to find the perfect coverings for any window.

→ Venetian Blinds Tick All The Boxes

Are you looking for a stylish, easy to use and effective window covering? Then Venetian blinds could well be the answer. Our high-quality custom Venetian blinds can be made in a variety of materials. Choose aluminum for a smart, sleek feel, or go for the rustic appeal of wood instead. Apply any of our wide selection of finishes to complete the perfect new Venetian blinds for your property.

→ Skylight Shades – Versatile Solutions For Overhead Windows

Few property owners consider the impact that their skylights have on a room. If they’re not properly covered on hot days, they can easily lead to overheating. Similarly, a skylight on a cold day will quickly dissipate heat, raising energy bills. Our company provides skylight shades in a range of sizes and styles to suit any window. That makes it easy to install skylight shades in any room in the building, ensuring your overhead light is properly managed.

→ Cellular Shades – Improve Energy Efficiency

A building without proper window coverings will lose heat quickly. This is a big problem in winter when you’re already paying to keep rooms warm. The reverse applies in summer when your air conditioning will have to work harder to keep your property comfortable. Cellular shades help keep thermal loss to a minimum. These treatments trap air between one, two or three layers of honeycomb material, improving thermal insulation. Find cellular shades that fit any window by contacting your local Citrus blinds and shades providers.

→ Choose Faux Wood Blinds For Any Room In Citrus CA

You’ll find it hard to tell our faux wood blinds apart from the real thing. This high-quality material looks extremely convincing and carries numerous benefits as well. The low maintenance requirements are ideal for both business owners and busy homeowners. You won’t need to worry about humidity, either. Choose faux wood blinds in a range of different finishes, which includes painted and natural effects.

→ Vertical Blinds – Cover Large Windows

Our custom vertical blinds are perfect for providing privacy and light control for large windows. Whether you have a large glass sliding door, or a big window looking in on your living room, vertical blinds keep glare away. Choose vertical blinds as a way to protect your privacy, as well. These coverings are available in many different configurations, allowing you to choose between materials like wood and fabric, as well as many different colors.

→ Blackout Blinds – Keep Sunlight Out

You may want to keep the sun out of some rooms in your home. This may be because your kids are going to be early. It might be because you’re working nights, or traveling a lot. It might simply be because blackout blinds provide total privacy at any time of day, and you want to be sure neighbors can’t see in. Our custom blackout blinds tick all these boxes, allowing you to truly control light levels whenever you want. See how these coverings could make a difference at your property in Citrus today.

→ Roman Shades – Decorative And Effective

There aren’t many window coverings that look as good as roman shades. We’re proud to offer a huge selection of different types, including diverse designs like fishtail and pleated Roman-style coverings. You can find any number of materials in a range of patterns, so it’s easy to create Roman shades that perfectly suit any room. Our team is based near you in Citrus, so why not schedule a free consultation today?

New Window Coverings Offer Big Improvements

Make your property more comfortable and much more attractive with our custom window coverings. There’s no limit to what you can achieve. Get in touch today and schedule a free consultation. Citrus Master Blinds is based near you, so you can be sure of getting expert local support when you need it.

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