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Natural light makes a huge difference in any room. It turns a dark and dingy room into one that’s airy and spacious. However, it’s essential to properly control this light. If you don’t have the right window treatments in place, you won’t be able to keep out unwanted glare and dazzling sun. That means uncomfortable guests and employees. Finding the perfect window treatments for your Alhambra office or home is as easy as picking up the phone and scheduling a free consultation. With a huge range to choose from, you’ll be certain of finding the perfect way to control natural light in any room.

It’s hard to know exactly how a material will look in your home when you’ve only seen it on a screen. That’s why Master Blinds offers free in-person consultations at your home or business. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to see exactly what effect different materials will have in each room. You can ask our representative detailed questions about the right choice of blinds materials, and they’ll be happy to offer advice. Whether you’re fitting out a new office or upgrading the window treatments in your Alhambra home, this ensures you’ll get exactly the right products for your needs.

Custom window coverings are an investment in your property, and you need to be able to trust that they’ll stand the test of time. Because all of the products that Master sells are made to the highest standards, they all come with 5-year warranties as standard. Some are supplied with lifetime guarantees, too so you can be sure they’ll be a part of your property for years to come. Quality you can trust is essential, and every product in the catalog is designed with a long service life in mind.

→ Faux Wood Blinds For Alhambra CA Properties

As one of the most popular materials for blinds, faux wood has many advantages. Firstly, it looks great. Modern techniques allow flawless reproduction of real wood grains, so it’s impossible to tell that this material never actually belonged to a real tree. One of the key reasons why faux wood blinds are so popular, though, is how practical they are. They don’t need to be protected from moisture in the same way that timber does. Faux wood blinds don’t weigh as much as real wood ones either. Faux wood blinds are an attractive and aesthetically pleasing way to control natural light. They’re available in a huge range of colors and styles.

→ Motorized Curtains and Draperies

Modern motorization allows for blackout curtains to be remotely controlled. This adds loads of convenience and versatility to the fittings. A remote control enables you to sweep the motorized curtains wide without getting out of bed, and you can even control the curtains with your smartphone. This can also add an extra level of security to your property. If you’re heading off on vacation but your bedroom curtains stay drawn all day (or open all night), burglars will know you’re away. However, motorized curtains can be set to automatically alter position so you can make thieves believe your home is occupied. These are just a few of the great benefits that motorized window coverings can provide your Alhambra home or office.

→ Custom Bamboo Shades

Lightweight, slim and effective, bamboo shades are ideal for a wide range of situations. They provide excellent light dispersal without fully blocking it, meaning you can happily keep these shades down throughout the day while still benefiting from plenty of natural light. However, where these shades really shine is in their aesthetics. Bamboo is a wonderful natural material, and it works very well with a huge range of designs. Particularly well-suited to bright, airy rooms like the kitchen, bamboo shades should be high on any designer’s list. Bamboo shades can be cut very easily, which makes them easy to customize. They’re a great fit for Alhambra property owners who want eco-friendly shading products for their office or home windows.

→ Light Filtering Roller Shades

Generally, roller shades are perfect for cutting out unwanted light in rooms where dazzling rays can’t be tolerated. Light filtering roller shades are a popular product for office and children’s bedrooms. These sheer shades are often used in conjunction with curtains, providing an extra level of natural light control. That provides total protection without darkening the room. They’re available in a huge range of different colors and styles. No matter what your room looks like you’ll find a light filtering roller shade to match it.

→ Motorized Vertical Blinds

Large windows can be tricky to cover. Whether it’s the meeting room in an office or your Alhambra home’s living room, you still need to control natural light as it enters. That’s where motorized vertical blinds come in. These window coverings are perfect for controlling light on large windows, and motorization enables them to be quickly adjusted to your exact requirements. Available in many different materials, from wood to vinyl and fabric, motorized vertical blinds are easy to install and can be supplied in any size needed.

→ Window Shutters – Interior and Exterior

Another hard window treatment option to consider is the range of shutters available for home and office windows. These tactile, moveable slats add a lot to the room’s décor. Exterior shutters also enhance the property’s exterior look and can serve as protection from weather conditions. Faux wood shutters are especially good for that. They require little maintenance and hold a unique, elegant appeal. There are also roll up shutters that you can fit over windows or large glass sliding doors. These also serve as an extra security measure and additional weather and sunlight protection.

Custom Window Treatments Near Alhambra CA

Any and all Alhambra home and business owners can turn to us for adding sheer or blackout blinds for their windows. Get a free quote on the kind of window treatment you’re interested in and see what kinds of customization options are available. Master Blinds Alhambra provides free, no-obligation, in-person consultations, so schedule an appointment and meet with a nearby blinds installer to discuss all the available choices.

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