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If you want to make a room feel airy and spacious, natural light is the best way to achieve your goals. By allowing sunlight into a room you sweep away any sense of dinginess or gloom. However, it’s essential to get the balance right. Many property owners choose to install window blinds that let through too much light. Either that or they cause uncomfortable glare or don’t suit the design of their rooms. With custom window treatments from Master Blinds, you’ll avoid these problems. A huge range of different materials and designs are available for any type of room. As for the setup, you’ve got our blinds installation experts ready to help with that. So know that you can leave it all to us.

Beautiful doesn’t have to mean expensive. With the custom made shades and motorized blinds you can get from us, you can save money without compromising on quality. There are all kinds of custom window treatments you can choose to get for your Avocado Heights home or office. Whether you actually live or work here or somewhere nearby, with us you’ll get made-to-size blinds and shades that look great and also last long. From motorized shades with a remote control to smartphone app and voice command options. Any kind of manual or electric window coverings you’re after can be custom made to meet all your needs and – just as important – your budget!

→ Shades For Rooms – Residential + Commercial

Custom window coverings can all couple with cutting-edge modern motorization technology. This allows you to easily control your motorized blinds in any number of ways. Via a smartphone app, remote control, or from a central control panel. You’ll be able to adjust the level of light in your home at any time, even if you’re somewhere else. Motorized blinds provide convenience but also security. They can help you save on your utility bills too. With both mains and battery powered blinds options available, you can install motorized shades and blinds in any room with ease.

→ Free Consultations With No Obligation

Whether you’re outfitting a new office building, or you’re redesigning your kitchen. In either case, it’s hard to know exactly which window blinds are best-suited to your needs. However, Master Blinds provides in-person consultations at your property. Let us provide expert guidance and advice so you’ll find the perfect shades for any room. See what different design and color combos look like and choose the pattern that suits your taste best. With custom window treatments and premium blinds made-to-measure, you can get high end quality and effective utility at the same time.

→ Vertical Blinds For Large Windows (And Sliding Doors)

Covering large windows can be tricky, but it’s still essential. Living rooms and meeting rooms often feature large expanses of glass. It’s important to fit them with appropriate coverings, like vertical blinds. Why? To avoid letting through unwelcome glare and dazzle from bright sunshine. Custom vertical blinds provide a way to allow natural light through while still keeping out uncomfortable rays. These window treatments are available in a wide range of colors and materials, from wood to vinyl and fabric. You’ll be able to find a set of vertical blinds to fit any room.

→ Motorized Wooden Blinds

There’s no substitute for real wood, and it’s still one of the most popular materials for window coverings around. Wood effortlessly complements many different design aesthetics. This makes it a great choice in homes and businesses of any type. With modern motorization techniques, you’ll also benefit from excellent convenience. Motorized wood blinds enable you to quickly and easily draw or open the blinds at any time, no matter where you are. This allows you to control natural light through windows that aren’t within easy reach. You can also have the motorized wood blinds adjust automatically. They can move according to brightness levels, indoor temperature or other variables. This low maintenance window covering option is great for Avocado Heights and its surrounding areas.

→ Motorized Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the most popular types of window covering around. This is mostly because they’re unobtrusive and effective. Thanks to the slim design profile of motorized roller shades they can easily fit into small areas. |This makes them ideal for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. They’re also available in a huge range of different designs. So, if you’re looking for the perfect match for your room’s aesthetic then motorized roller shades can provide it. You’ve got wired and battery-powered shade options, allowing you to find something for every window. Make your Avocado Heights home more high-tech with these simple and elegant motorized shades.

→ Sheer Shades With Fabric Vanes

These window coverings combine the best of both worlds into one neat package. Sheer shades with fabric vanes allow you to block out unwelcome light without dimming the room unnecessarily. Thanks to the sheer material you won’t find bright beams of light slipping between the fabric vanes. But you’ll also benefit from the effective light control of the fabric itself. This provides unparalleled privacy and ease of use. Thanks to the flexibility of this design, sheer shades have proven most popular in rooms that need maximum light and privacy. That means places like such as living and dining rooms as well as board rooms. Every residential or commercial property that needs sheer shades in Avocado Heights can get them from us.

→ Cellular Shades For Insulation

The honeycomb structure of cellular shades makes them excellent at preventing a room from heating or cooling faster. They’re also extremely lightweight and can be easily fitted into rooms where space is at a premium. Thanks to the honeycomb design of cellular shades they provide privacy even at night. When you’re backlit against the windows with regular sheer fabrics you’re visible. But with cellular shades, you can prevent this. They even offer a degree of noise and thermal insulation. Cellular shades are a popular choice for Avocado Heights residents and are available in different colors and styles to meet your needs.

The Best Blinds Near Avocado Heights CA

Find the right window treatments for your office or home with our help. Choose from a range of products, including motorized roller shades, vertical blinds, and even blackout curtains. Any kind of window shading product you want can be custom made. Get a free quote and an in-person consultation – with no obligation – by scheduling an appointment.

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