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Finding the perfect window coverings for both your needs as well as your tastes is important, which is why our experts are here to help lend you a hand! Whether you’re looking for something that’s modest and simple, or a style that’s more unique and eye-catching, our team will be able to assist you in discovering the perfect fit for you in no time. That’s the kind of excellent service you can expect from the professionals!

Our company is proud to offer a huge variety of blinds and shades so there’s no type of room or aesthetic that we can’t find the complement for! Along with our free consultations and color samplings, you’ll have no trouble at all discovering exactly what you’ve been dreaming of for the bedroom, living room, or otherwise. Our years of experience assures that our experts will have no problem helping you to find what will look and feel the best for your home or business.

The main concern of our team is the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that they end things completely pleased! This is why we offer warranties ranging from five years to a lifetime depending on the style chosen. You can rest assured that your choice of shades or blinds will be functioning and looking perfect for years to come thanks to this! There’s no reason to wait any longer to get started.

→ Roman Shades

If you’re in need of shades that will provide a timeless and elegant look to any room, our professionals have just the thing. Roman shades have been used for centuries, hence the name, so you can rest assured they’ll never go out of style! Rather than rolling up as most styles do, these shades create unique folds that provide a look like no other. They look gorgeous in dining rooms, sitting rooms, or even bedrooms that appreciate a refined flare. They’re also customizable when it comes to texture, pattern, and fabric so they can easily be suited to the room.

→ Custom Motorized Shades

Have some oddly shaped windows that you never thought you’d be able to find the right cover for? Our experts can help with our custom-made options! This means that our team will measure your windows and make your new shades of your choice to the exact fit, no matter how strangely shaped it may be. Motorization of your new shades makes things even easier as well, as you can operate them without the annoying manual strings. This is an excellent choice for high windows that wouldn’t be able to have manual shades, or any other room to make things simpler!

→ Wood Blinds

For a classic, elegant choice that will always provide a unique beauty to any room, wood shades are the way to go. These blinds never go out of style and have been used for years and years due to their durability and the lovely accents that the wood staining brings. There are varying colors as well so you can match them to any furniture in the room, from a desk in your office to furniture in the living room. The thickness of the wood also provides better insulation than some other types, and this makes your home more energy efficient!

→ Layered Shades In Thousand Oaks CA

Do you want the ability to completely block out light as needed, while still having the option to allow in natural light as well? Our professionals have exactly what you’re looking for with our layered shades! These modern and popular shades combine the best of both blinds and shades into one easy to use style. The lines of sheer and solid fabric allow you to adjust for your desires! To allow in natural light, simple leave them fully open and the sheer fabric will let it through. For darkness and privacy, just close the sheer vanes. They’re just that versatile!

→ Motorized Roller Shade Installation

Roller shades are endlessly customizable when it comes to color, texture, and pattern of fabric to be suited to any type of room, and their strong simple lines make them a quiet complement to any style as well! The added benefit of motorization means that you can easily line all of your shades up perfectly for strong lines all the way across multiple windows, and set them on a timer to open and close whenever is best for your schedule. This movement also implies that you’re home even when you’re not for extra security! Our experts can install them easily.

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