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Modern technology makes life as easy as possible. We can now use our smartphones to do tasks that would usually take hours to accomplish. So why put up with less-than-ideal technology in and around your home? When you can get amazing systems like motorized shades and blinds, custom-designed to your requirements, why choose anything else? Our low prices and in-person expert consultations make this the right decision for your Sun Village property.

→ Low-Cost Somfy Blinds

At the forefront of smart window coverings is the range of Somfy motorized blinds. These systems make it easy to control sunlight in your home or business, keeping glare to a minimum while still enjoying the warm rays. Blackout or sheer material allows you to customize the fabric to your needs, while still displaying your property at its very best. Connect Somfy blinds to your smart home system or phone to get maximum benefits.

→ Motorized Lutron Shades, Wireless

Use Lutron motorized shades to bring 21st-Century tech right into your home or business. These systems fit perfectly into nearly any window frame, whether it’s large or small. For skylight or large window walls, Lutron motorized shades provide a perfect, cost-effective solution. With wireless systems on offer, it’s easy to fit these coverings into any position without compromising your property’s aesthetic. Improve them with our wide range of colors, materials, and styles to choose from.

→ Custom Motorized Blinds in Sun Village Area

Choose your favorite styles and combine them for the perfect effect. Update and modernize your property by using motorized shades and blinds throughout. With our in-person consultations and free quotes on all work, it’s easy to work out the ideal setup for your property. Get started today by speaking with one of our dedicated team of Sun Village blinds experts!

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