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One of the latest trends to quickly pick up steam is hard and soft window treatments. This is especially true for motorized blinds and shades. It’s really no wonder why they’ve become this popular. Too little sunlight in a room can be a big problem. No matter how well-designed your decor may be or how much electric lighting you have, there’s no substitute for natural light. Sunlight is equally important in a business setting. Office workers, for instance, will develop eye strain and headaches from staring at a screen in a dark office. However, too much light is just as problematic. Glare from sun rays will make it difficult to focus, and cause a room’s occupants to develop painful headaches as they squint and shade themselves.

With the right window treatments, you can create a pleasant indoor work environment and promote workflow inside your Beverly Grove property. You can also significantly enhance the décor this way. That’s why you need the right window coverings for each room for both residential and commercial properties. Custom blinds and motorized shades are the perfect way to disperse natural light through any home or business.

Custom Window Blinds Installers Near Beverly Grove CA

When you need to cut out sunlight, custom room darkening curtains are the way to go. Providing a high level of opacity, these window coverings are designed to minimize light dispersion through them. This doesn’t mean you have to settle for a limited range of designs, though. A huge range of different colors and print styles are available for different curtain fabrics. These window treatments are a very popular choice for rooms where privacy is desired, such as the living room or the bedroom. You can also get motorized curtains to darken the room automatically during certain times of the day. Alternatively, you can control your blackout curtains with a remote or your smartphone, without even having to get out of bed.

Real wood is a great material for window coverings, but it comes with several drawbacks. It’s heavy, so it’s not always appropriate for larger windows. It’s also susceptible to moisture damage over time, so in high humidity areas like the bathroom or the kitchen, it’s not the best choice. Custom faux wood blinds eliminate all of these problems while still retaining the excellent aesthetic appeal of wood. Incorporating real grain patterns and a variety of finishes, faux wood makes a perfect addition to almost any room.

When you go outside, you still need to have some level of control over natural light. It’s essential for getting full enjoyment out of a sunny day. You don’t want to be sat outside squinting in the dazzling rays. Instead, you should invest in a set of custom outdoor shades for your property. Constructed from a range of different materials to suit any home, you can be sure these will look great all year round. These products are tough and designed to deal with hot summer sun as well as cold, wet winters.

→ Motorized Blinds

Modern wireless motorization technology has brought huge benefits to window covering products. Custom motorized blinds can be fitted to any room, bringing incredible flexibility and control to your property. Control light levels from your smartphone wherever you are, to maintain privacy and comfort at any time of day or night. Automatic scheduling also lets you make it look like someone’s home, even when you’re away on vacation. Your motorized blinds will open wide each morning and close in the evening, making prospective burglars think twice before breaking in. Convenience, security, and efficiency are all major benefits of motorized blinds. Find out about the latest upgrades and additions that make these automatic window treatments such a worthwhile investment.

→ Vertical Blinds

Wide windows are often best covered by custom vertical blinds. These products are easier to operate and more convenient than horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds offer more effective natural light control as well. Available in many different materials such as wood, vinyl, and fabric, they can be tailor-made to your specifications. Vertical blinds are ideal for rooms like the bedroom or living room, where you have a lot of glass but want to maintain your privacy. They make for a great addition to any property, residential or commercial.

→ Cellular Shades

Custom cellular shades are a fantastic way to diffuse natural light as it enters your rooms. Constructed using a unique honeycomb design, they provide insulation as well as light blocking/filtering. Fitting into a slim profile, the double-walled material provides excellent privacy even when backlit. This makes cellular shades a great choice when you want to keep out prying eyes. They’re also an extremely effective light control material. They can turn piercing glare into a soft natural glow. But the main benefit is the heat transfer reduction cellular shades provide. They can save you money on energy and help you preserve the indoor temperature at a comfortable level.

→ Fabric Roman Shades

Roman shades are a timeless and elegant way to control natural light in your property. They come with many advantages, providing simple yet effective diffusion of sunlight, and a wide range of design options. Using fabric allows custom roman shades to match your property exactly, so you won’t struggle to find the perfect design for any room. The pleated stacking build of Roman shades has made them incredibly popular. This little touch of elegance and enhanced décor actually originated from ancient times, which is the treason for the name. Some would say that Roman shades are fit for an emperor, hint hint.

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