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Window Treatments & Blinds Bell Gardens CA

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Window Treatments & Blinds Bell Gardens CA

It’s very important to have the right window coverings in your property. If you own a business, around the Bell Gardens area you need customers and employees to have a comfortable, welcoming space, not one that’s dingy and dark. At home, too, it’s important to choose the right treatments. You don’t guests getting headaches from relentless glare, or being spied on by nosy neighbors. Choose high-quality custom coverings from your local blinds & shades specialists.

Our Wide Range Of Blinds & Shades Includes:

Blackout Curtains

At night, a room with the lights on can sometimes be easy to see into. Not if it’s fitted with blackout curtains, though. This makes them a great choice if your neighbors’ houses overlook your bedroom. Blackout curtains also prevent light from entering during the day. This is ideal for kids that need a midday nap, or parents who work late nights. We offer a wide selection of attractive styles and finishes for the owners of Bell Gardens properties.

Cellular Shades

Windows often make it harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Heat escapes during winter, and cool air gets out in the summer. With our range of custom cellular shades, though, you can keep this to a minimum. Using the innovative honeycomb design, these window coverings keep air from reaching the window. With single, double and triple-walled options available, you can easily improve energy efficiency with cellular shades.

Motorized Blinds

Our range of top-quality remote control blinds gives you total control over your local business or residential home. No more climbing upstairs to make sure the attic blinds are shut. With a tap on your smartphone, you can easily set your custom motorized blinds to any position you want. You can even set the blinds to move automatically. This provides security benefits since it makes would-be burglars believe your property is occupied even when it’s not. Choose from a wide array of stylish motorized blinds in Bell Gardens.

Roman Shades

Do you want to add a touch of class to your Bell Gardens home? Then custom roman shades are a great choice. You can choose from many different designs, including fishtail, flat and pleated shades. You’ll also have access to a stunning number of fabric and pattern choices. This makes it easy to find a set of custom roman shades that perfectly complement any room. See how your home could benefit from these attractive window coverings.

Skylight Shades

Our range of custom skylight shades offers you total control. We can provide a top-quality shade to suit any fitting of any size. You’ll also have access to our many different design options, so you can find colors and materials that suit your property’s decor. Our selection of materials also provides you with different levels of light control, from skylight shades that diffuse sunlight to materials that block it out entirely.

Faux Wood Blinds

You don’t have a trade-off between practicality and aesthetics with faux wood blinds. This material is stunningly convincing, and many people mistake it for the real thing. It looks great, which is a big factor in its popularity. Even more importantly, though, faux wood blinds can be more practical than real wood. This material is lighter and much easier to maintain, and can easily be used in humid environments. That means you can be sure your new custom faux wood blinds will always look great. If you're interested in seeing what the best faux wood blinds in Bell Gardens look like, give us a call.

Venetian Blinds

A hugely popular option for homes and businesses alike is custom Venetian blinds. These classic window coverings are used in many properties around the country and are both effective and good-looking. You can easily create the perfect Venetian blinds for any room using our wide range of materials, which include everything from aluminum to real wood. These window coverings offer great privacy, too, needing only a quick twist of the control rod to keep out prying eyes. Residents of Bell Gardens and nearby areas are all welcome to call us for free estimates on Venetian blinds and other treatments.

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We know how important it is for your property to have the right window coverings. Proper window treatments provide the comfortable and private environment you deserve. Don’t put up with less. Get in touch with the Master Blinds Bell Gardens team to set up a free consultation appointment at your home, office, or otherwise.

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