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Natural light is perhaps the most important aspect of any room. It makes the difference between a dull, dingy atmosphere and one that’s bright and spacious. Controlling this light is essential in any situation. Whether you’re renovating your home or upgrading your office space, Master Blinds offers top-quality custom window treatments for every room. This includes motorized roller shades, cordless Roman blinds, and all sorts of custom curtains and draperies.

Servicing the entire Altadena area and all nearby cities, the window treatment experts here at Master Blindsare the best ones to call. Use us to guarantee that you’re getting the perfect window blinds and shades for your office or home. You have an opportunity to ask the best window treatment experts near you for guidance, so make full use of it. Get answers to any questions you have. See what types of blinds are available and what kinds of combinations of light filtering and blackout fabrics you can get.

All the custom window treatments on offer are built with long-lasting durability in mind. There’s no temporary construction here, and no cutting corners to save on cost. Instead, all window shading products are offered with a 5-year warranty or longer. You need to know that the new custom window treatments for your Altadena office or home will look great for a more than a few days. You want them to look great for years to come. And that’s what you get with Master Blinds. You’re guaranteed peace of mind that your new investment will keep working perfectly for a long time.

→ Blackout Blinds For Windows

While window treatments are often used to let some filtered sunlight through, in some rooms you may prefer to maintain complete obscurity from the outside world. That’s where blackout blinds come in. The use of opaque fabrics and other materials and leaving no gaps and slits for sunlight to get through will ensure complete privacy. Blackout blinds are often preferred for bedrooms, where you want both privacy and the ability to sleep in uninterrupted. But many business owners also choose to get blackout blinds for office windows, to keep privacy during important appointments and other activities.

→ Motorized Roller Shades

Bring your property into the new millennium with smart motorized roller shades. These automatic window coverings provide incredible convenience and can be remote controlled directly from your smartphone. Imagine a home that can keep burglars at bay by automatically moving shades throughout the day. You can let the sunlight come streaming in whenever you want it, without having to lift more than a finger. There’s no shortage of choices, either. Motorized roller shades come in a huge range of stylish designs and patterns. Choose between top-of-the-range shading products from Somfy and other automatic blinds specialists like Lutron. You can get self-adjusting blinds or even solar powered motorized roller shades. The choice is completely up to you.

→ Custom Bamboo Shades

Light and unobtrusive, bamboo shades are ideal for rooms where window treatments need to be natural and easy on the eye. In addition to that, bamboo is a near-perfect material for diffusing sunlight. It helps maintain your room at an even temperature and eliminate glare. This is done all while protecting your privacy from prying eyes. Available in a range of finished and natural styles, bamboo shades can be the ideal complement to many interior designs. What’s great about bamboo shades is also that they can be cut very easily. This makes them suitable for windows of all sizes and shapes.

→ Insulating Cellular Shades

Made with light-filtering or blackout fabric, cellular shades provide an excellent way to maximize both natural light and privacy. The honeycomb structure of cellular shades helps baffle and diffuse sun rays. But it does more than that. Cellular shades also make for great insulators and will reduce heat transfer and noise pollution. Any room in which they’re fitted will be bathed evenly in sunlight. Because there are no holes in the material it’s totally impossible for any outside eyes to peer through. You can be assured of total privacy at any time of day or night, whether you have the lights on or not. Custom cellular shades are a great option in any room where privacy and natural light both need to be maximized.

→ Cordless Roman Blinds

Stylish and understated, cordless roman shades are nevertheless a great addition to any room’s design aesthetic. With custom roman blinds available in a huge range of patterns and styles, you’ll be sure to find one that perfectly suits your chosen design for any room. Cordless Roman shades are an excellent childproof window treatment choice. With no dangling cords and strings to pose entanglement risks, they can add beauty and décor to the room without presenting any danger. Cordless Roman shades have a highly sought after look that’s great for both residential and commercial establishments.

→ Motorized Venetian Blinds

Step into the modem millennium with motorized Venetian blinds. You can’t get any more futuristic than this around the home. Control every set of window coverings in your property with just your smartphone, from a central panel, by remote control, or any other option you can think of. Not only that, but your new Venetian blinds will provide a stylish, timeless accent to your room. Available in a full range of materials and designs, motorized Venetian blinds are an excellent way to bring modern convenience into any property.

→ Curtains and Draperies

Another popular window treatment option is the use of curtains and/or drapes and valances. These pleated or flat coverings add a lot of décor to the room, while also serving as excellent light filtering and diffusing methods. Blackout curtains are great for bedroom windows where you want to maximize privacy. They’re also wonderful to add for office meeting rooms and other places where you want to keep prying eyes at bay. Light filtering curtains and drapes work great to reduce glare while still allowing you to utilize natural sunlight. This is great for areas where you want to eliminate screen glare but still capitalize in available sunlight for most of the day.

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