Window Treatments & Coverings In Glendale

The ability to cover your windows with a blind or shade helps to provide you with privacy, avoid the sun damaging your books or furniture, helps to prevent energy waste, and can be a beautiful addition to your décor. It is our goal to make sure you find the perfect window coverings for your needs, style and preference.

No idea what type of blind or shade would be best for a room, or struggling to decide on a color? We’d be glad to help you! The professionals at Master Blinds have years of experience, which means that we’ll be able to work with you to find just the right style to complement any room. Some types have a lot of customization in terms of color, pattern, and texture, and we can assist you in determining what would look the best! That way you know you’ll be satisfied with the end result.

Our team uses only the best equipment and materials for every job, along with a deep attention to detail. That way you can rest assured that your home is in great hands! We know you don’t have time to waste waiting on us to arrive and begin, which is why we’ll always be there on schedule. You’ll be surprised at how swiftly it all gets done, but absolutely sturdily as well!

→ Layered Shades

Do you want to allow in some natural light without worry of being blinded by the sun, or it being able to damage your furniture? Layered shades are the perfect solution! These shades are so named due to being composed of thick stripes of solid and sheer fabric that combines the best of roller and traditional blinds. Simply leave the shades unfurled if you’d like some sun allowed in, which will be filtered through the sheer bands to create a soft natural light. If you want complete darkness instead, just close the sheer vanes so only the solid stripes remain.

→ Roller Shades

Roller shades are a thin and simple option that provides a lot of space as well as lack of clutter compared to curtains and some other styles, making them excellent if you want a roomier feel. They’re especially good for apartments where space is essential! They come in a variety of styles including blackout options and sheer fabric, so you can easily control what rooms allow in some natural light, and which have complete darkness in order to rest fully. There’s a wide variety of color options as well thanks to being made of fabric, and choices for patterns too!

→ Custom Motorized Shades

Motorized shades are a great step to making your life simpler! Rather than dealing with frustrating and tangled strings, all you need is a remote to operate your shades and adjust them to just the right position. They move quietly, making them a good fit for nurseries where you need to be able to close them without disturbing the baby, and allow you to have coverage on high windows that would otherwise be out of reach as well! You can use the timer to have them open and close on your schedule, or connect it with your smart home system.

→ Office Blinds

Finding the right blinds for office areas, be it your home office or your company’s, can be difficult. You need something simple, easy to use, and pleasant without being too distracting! With our color sampling and consolation services, we can help you find just the right fit that suits the space without being overbearing. Blinds help to keep anyone in the office focused on work and give them privacy as needed, as well as keeping the sun from creating glare on any computer screens! We’ll get them installed quickly too so there’s no time wasted before getting back to work.

→ Fabric Roman Shades in Glendale CA

Complete your home with an elegant style of shade that’s been used throughout generations! Fabric Roman shades give a unique and timeless aesthetic thanks to folding up when drawn, rather than rolling upward. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something fancier than roller shades while still being customizable concerning the fabric. Using our color samples, we’ll help you find the right color, texture, or pattern to suit the area beautifully. They also easily provide privacy when unfurled thanks to using solid fabric so nobody can peer inside. Your home will be looking effortlessly gorgeous in no time after installation!

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