Mar Vista Blinds & Shades

The versatility of window treatments makes wonderful options available for all sorts of interior decor styles. With the right set of covers on your windows, you can enjoy natural daylight without the negative aspects like glare or UV rays, while also creating the ambiance you want in the space. Blinds, shades, and even drapery and shutters for windows can offer you terrific advantages, and we’re here to make your design dreams become a reality.

→ Cellular Shade Systems – Insulation & Style

The beauty of the unique aesthetic of cellular shades is rivaled by their amazing ability to offer thermal efficiency. With fabric that offers high R-value, cellular shades give your windows better insulation. This way, they help manage how much hot air enters or escapes the space. The thermal insulation capabilities of single, double, or even triple cellular shades have made them hugely popular for these advantages. And the distinct look is the cherry on top. Sheer cellular shades on your Mar Vista windows also offer sunlight diffusion, enabling you to enjoy natural daylight with a softened and more pleasant quality.

→ Wireless Motorized Blinds With Smart Controls

The automation of window treatment has become very advanced, and smart blinds now make it very easy and simple to control indoor lighting and temperature via the blinds. Motorized window treatments let you adjust sunlight levels with the push of a button. Or better yet, with a click of the app, or even voice commands with proper IoT integration. Excellent connectivity and Somfy or Lutron control options have made custom motorized blinds fantastic options for many living spaces and workplaces.

→ Blackout Curtains & Drapery – Get Better Sleep

We all know intrinsically how important sleep is to our health and well-being, but many people still neglect it. Blackout curtains help ensure you get proper rest every night by keeping out light even during the morning hours. Room darkening draperies are a must-have for Mar Vista bedroom windows. You can feel more rested and less tired during the day if your curtains and drapes do their job and keep sunlight exposure minimal in the most crucial hours.

Blinds & Shade Solutions For The Mar Vista Area

Let’s find the right set of window treatments that deliver the aesthetic and utility you want. Our high-end made-to-measure blinds, shades, and drapery offer amazing benefits suited specifically to your needs. Get in touch with us online or via phone to schedule a free in-person consultation with no obligation to find the most ideal window treatment options for your specific property.

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