Window Treatments Near Bel-Air – Shades, Blinds & Curtains

When you invest in new custom window blinds, you need to know you’re getting the best quality on the market. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Master. You will get high-quality window coverings custom made in any style and material you choose. And you’ll also receive a 5-year warranty with each and every product. That means you’ll have total peace of mind, knowing you’re the new window shades for your Bel-Air property will stand the test of time.

Based in your area, the team at Master Blinds is on hand to provide no-obligation consultations at your property. Whether you’re redecorating your Bel-Air living room or fitting out an office for a nearby business. You can schedule a free consultation and have a representative meet with you to provide expert guidance on exactly which window shading products best suit each need. This gives you an opportunity to see each material in place, and you’ll have the certainty of knowing our representative has taken exact measurements for each fitting.

No two rooms are ever quite the same. That’s why it’s important to have all the options open to you. There are plenty of window blinds choices available, with every material you could imagine. This ranges from lightweight bamboo to aluminum, sheer shades, and vinyl blinds. Not only do you have a wide selection of materials, you can also tailor each window covering to your exact needs with custom colors and styling. The sky’s the limit with custom window treatments, so you can be sure you’ll get the perfect product. Find the perfect décor enhancement for your Bel-Air home with custom blinds, shutters, or shades.

→ Motorized Vinyl Blinds

Motorization offers a huge range of benefits to any set of shades. With advances in modern technology giving you the ability to control the shades directly from your smartphone or a central control panel. Blinds with a remote control or automatic sensors, give you convenience in light control that’s unparalleled. Motorized vinyl blinds are a great choice in almost any situation. This material is hard-wearing and easy to look after, while also covering a wide range of colors and designs.

→ Motorized Bamboo Shades

Bamboo is, in many ways, the ideal window covering material. It’s strong and flexible, but it’s light enough to be used as a covering for almost any window. It also provides excellent natural light control, helping to reduce glare and dazzling rays. Thanks to the easy-on-the-eye natural finish, bamboo shades fit well into almost any design aesthetic. When fitted with wireless motors, the motorized bamboo shades version become even more amazing. Fitting easily into small window spaces, these low-profile units are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. The increasing popularity of motorized shades lends to some very unique interior design ideas. Many customers near your area (Bel-Air) have chosen to go for automatic window coverings, for the great number of advantages they bring to the table.

→ Window Shutters – Rolling & Others

For that more tactile look, shutters are the window treatment to get. They’re a much more durable method for controlling natural sunlight. With rolling window shutters, you can have a more secure cover over the window. Motorized shutters, rolling or otherwise, have the look and feel of a high-tech fortress, opening and closing according to the push of a remote control or other operation methods. Your motorized rolling shutters can have an ultra-silent motor, making their opening and closing smooth and barely noticeable. Exterior shutters can even make your Bel-Air property stand out from the outside, giving it considerable curb appeal.

→ Custom Roller Shades

Fitting easily into any space, and offering excellent light control, roller shades are perfect for almost any home or business. When rolled away these window coverings are unobtrusive, yet can also provide excellent coverage to prevent dazzling rays and unwanted glare. Available in many different colors and finishes, roller shades can easily be matched to the design of your room. That makes them a go-to choice for Bel-Air home and business owners alike. Custom made roller shades will match the décor and enhance it without attracting too much attention. Sometimes the less elaborate and elegant choice does the best job of complementing its surroundings. That’s why so many people opt for roller shades instead of some pleated or cellular design.

→ Insulating Cellular Shades

Speaking of cellular, these shades, which possess a honeycomb-like structure, do a lot more than diffuse sunlight. Cellular shades also create a barrier that reduces the transfer of heat from inside the room to the outside world, and vice versa. They’re a great way to enhance the look of your windows while also adding a touch of energy efficiency to the area. Light filtering cellular shades will also allow you to keep utilizing natural sunlight without the fear of overheating the indoor climate.

→ Sheer Shades With Fabric Vanes

Combining the best of both worlds, sheer shades fitted with fabric vanes provide excellent light diffusion while also blocking out strong sunlight. Many homeowners find that they’re forced to fully close their blinds in order to prevent uncomfortable sunlight shining through. However, thanks to the sheer fabric, these rays are dispersed and won’t cause discomfort. This lets you maximize natural light in any room without worrying about dazzle and glare – ideal for dining and living rooms.

→ Curtains and Draperies

Another way to cover up windows is to go all out and have a complete set of curtains or drapes. These can be made from all sorts of fabrics, lending to their versatility and ability to match every home or business owner’s needs. Blackout curtains work incredibly well in bedrooms, TV rooms, or office boardrooms. They grant complete privacy at any time of the day. Light filtering drapes will allow you to minimize sun glare without restricting air flow. They can be crafted from sheer fabric that’s very thin, so as to give the drapes a light, airy look and feel. And let’s not forget, motorized curtains are an option as well. Their back and forth movement possesses a unique, modern vibe, even if the curtains themselves have a classic style.

→ Faux Wood Blinds

There’s nothing as attractive as a wood finish, but real timber is hard to take care of. Not only does it require careful cleaning and maintenance to avoid rotting and warping, but it’s also a heavy material. Faux wood looks just as good, with all the natural attractiveness of the real thing, but it’s hard-wearing and easy to look after. Many different finishes are available, and custom faux wood blinds can be created to match any design needs.

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