Beverly Hills Motorized Shades & Custom Blinds

It’s essential to be able to control natural light in your home or business. All too often people are left shading their eyes from glare, making them uncomfortable and unable to focus. At the other end of the spectrum, it’s all too easy to block out natural light unnecessarily. You won’t want to make your living room gloomy, or leave your employees straining to see their screens. That’s why getting the right window coverings for your property is important. Get the perfect new window treatments by investing in custom blinds and shades, which can be created to suit your needs exactly. With free no-obligation consultations at your property, you’ll get expert advice and guidance. Combine this with free 5-year warranties and you can be sure of finding the right window coverings whatever your needs.

If you’re looking for a lightweight window covering with a slim design that controls natural light effectively, cellular shades could be perfect. These insulating window coverings use a unique honeycomb style structure to diffuse sunlight evenly around the room. Because they’re double-walled, they also provide excellent privacy at any time of day. This is essential when they’re fitted in a room with a view, because thin materials can be easy to see through when they’re backlit. Ideal for rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, cellular shades are a very popular choice.

When you need to make sure your room stays dark, blackout blinds are the solution. Made from opaque material that totally blocks out sunlight, these window coverings are ideal for providing privacy at any time of day or night. Usually fitted in bedrooms that receive a lot of unwanted sunlight, blackout blinds guarantee that when you want the room to be dark, it will be. If you need to sleep during the day, blackout blinds are perfect. This makes them a common choice for anyone who works a night shift, travels regularly, or even has small kids.

→ Roller Shades

Looking for custom shades that can be made to suit any room? Roller shades could be the answer. These window coverings consist of a sheet of material that rolls down to cover your window. Thanks to the simple, straightforward design, roller shades can be easily created in a huge number of different designs. That means if you need the perfect match to your internal decor, roller shades can be the way to get it. These window treatments also offer many practical benefits, as a slimline unit that’s easy to maintain, and can be found in many properties as a result.

→ Smart Motorized Blinds

Motorization is becoming a more and more powerful feature of window coverings. Thanks to recent advances in smart technology, it’s possible to easily control your entire home’s treatments straight from your smartphone. That means you can let sunlight stream into your bedroom without even leaving the bed. You can also set motorized blinds to operate automatically, adjusting themselves while you’re away on vacation to keep would-be burglars away. Custom motorized blinds can be created to suit any property, and are available in a wide range of styles and designs.

→ Fabric Roman Shades

Classic and elegant, fabric roman shades are a fantastic addition to any room. Fabric provides many benefits, not least flexibility in design. Because these window coverings are available in so many different styles, colors, and designs, it’s possible to create a perfect accompaniment to any room’s decor. Fabric roman shades don’t just look great, though. These window coverings are also highly practical, provide excellent natural light control and are very easy to look after.

→ Cordless Roman Shades

Stylish and lightweight, cordless roman shades are very popular for a reason. They offer all the light control of bulkier window coverings in a much slimmer package. Cordless Roman shades are popular in rooms where space can’t be wasted. That makes them a popular pick in kitchens and bathrooms, where you still want to maintain privacy while controlling natural light.

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