There are plenty of choices when getting new electric blinds and motorized shades for a room. You need to decide on the color and design. You need to see how well certain patterns match and complement the décor. And after picking the ensemble of material and method, you still have choices to go. Mainly, how will you open and close your new blinds? When dealing with automatic window coverings, there are usually three different types of energy sources you can go with. The choice of which one is best for you depends on a few factors. It’s important you select the best power source for your electric motorized blinds and shades, to ensure their efficient and smooth operation.

Hardwired Electric Blinds

These automatic window coverings connect to the existing electrical grid directly. Because of this, they have distinct advantages and some potential downsides you need to consider.



Hardwired blinds are by far faster than other motorized window treatments. The direct connection really comes into play here.

The installation of hardwired electric blinds is more complex than the battery powered variety if you want to maintain maximum aesthetics. Unless you want to have cords exposed, some wall excavations may be necessary.

You can choose to connect a few sets of motorized blinds and open and close them in complete unison. The hardwired power source allows for smooth, even movement of multiple sets.

When the power goes out, it goes completely out. Your motorized blinds and shades won’t work, unless you have an emergency generator.

Minimal power source maintenance. With battery and solar powered options, you’ve got additional parts that capture and deliver the alternative power sources. Those need some upkeep every so often. With hardwired blinds, it’s the same as every other electric appliance or feature. No extra maintenance required.

Battery-Powered Shades

This automatic covering option relies on a changeable power source and not one that’s directly connected to the grid. The use of a battery distinguishes them in several ways.



Faster and much simpler installation process.

Less aesthetically appealing. The battery pack usually sits above or beside the motor of the electric blinds. Will require wall excavations or extra curtains if you want to hide it.

Operate independently from the rest of the house. That means that if the power goes out, your battery-powered blinds will continue to work.

Battery will require charging/replacement, which means more upkeep.

Easier to repair due to having easy access to the power source.

Not as fast as hardwired blinds. The battery-powered option doesn’t do as well when having to power the operation of a few sets of motorized shades simultaneously.

Solar-Powered Blinds and Shades

The main appeal of these motorized blinds is the fact that they get their power from a truly alternative power source – the sun. This eco-friendly option is definitely in-vogue with the ‘green’ energy movement at the moment.



Long-term investment. Solar-powered blinds are a great money-saving option that can end up being incredibly worth it.

Much more intricate installation. Obviously, it requires setting up and connecting solar panels to your motorized shades.

Works independently from the rest of your property. Power outages won’t affect the performance at all.

Relies on sunlight, which means that cloudy weather and night time will be considered ‘dead hours’.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient. A great way to lower your carbon footprint while utilizing natural lighting and the all-so-available sun as an energy source.

More expensive, although only initially. Solar-powered blinds due have the potential to end up paying for themselves.

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