Time to make your home smarter by choosing new motorized blinds for the windows. But which blinds will best fit your living spaces, and what sorts of technologies and styles are worth considering? Here we explain how to choose the right Somfy blinds for your Los Angeles area home.

Smart curtains interior decoration in living room

1. Pick Window Treatments That Meet Your Needs

An authorized Somfy dealer, Master Blinds offers customers a wide range of high-end window treatment solutions for living spaces. We help each customer pick the specific shade systems that meet their individual needs. Options include:

Vertical or Venetian Blinds

The classic look of Venetian blinds provides a great subtle option for managing sunlight with a traditional aesthetic. Vertical blinds make for an excellent choice for covering large window walls or sliding glass patio doors.

Motorized Roller Shades

The sleek and clean look of roller shade systems makes them wonderful for creating a perfect aesthetic for kitchens, living rooms, and more. Motorized roller shades with Somfy motors and controls can offer you a quiet operation that’s smooth and seamless.

Roman Shade Solutions

The unique and highly popular look of Roman shades complements modern and classic home decor incredibly well, allowing for a lot of versatility. The attractive look of the Roman shade pleats folding and unfolding when the motorized systems operate create an eye-catching aesthetic that’s an easy conversation starter.

Motorized Curtains and Draperies

Excellent for blackout curtains in the bedroom or other spaces, by mixing elegant drapery with the technological utility you benefit from both worlds. Motorized drapery with smart controls can provide effective sunlight management coupled with fantastic privacy and thermal insulation as well.

A modern room interior with remote controlled drapery

2. Choosing Wired or Wireless Motorized Blinds Power Sources

When selecting the main power for the blinds, you can opt for either to enjoy different benefits. Wireless Somfy blinds motors utilize a discrete battery to power them for a long time. You can always plug in the motorized window coverings to charge the battery when it’s getting low. Going with wired blinds is great for seamlessly controlling large shade systems at the same time with reliable performance and smooth continuous motion. The wired and wireless Somfy blinds systems provide silent operation, remote control options, and smart home system integration options.

3. Custom Window Treatments – Measuring The Windows

It’s important to have your windows measured by professionals to ensure your new motorized Somfy blinds systems match the correct dimensions. Without proper measurements, you could end up with some light leaking through the sides or bottom.

4. Motorized Blinds Controls – Which to Choose?

Remotes & Wall Switches

The classic remote control handset is still very popular for Somfy blinds systems. Push the button and the blinds will respond accordingly, granting you more natural light or improving shade conditions inside. Wall switches near the windows also offer a convenient control method with reliable functionality thanks to the wiring.

App Control For Smart Blinds

With the latest technology for motorized blinds, you can control your Somfy window blinds with your phone or tablet device via the simple app. Create scheduled programs for the motorized blinds to run on or set a timer for them to serve as your natural, quiet alarm clock. You can easily adjust the blinds whenever you want, wherever you want, all through the app.

5. Consult With Blinds Installers Near You

To ensure you get the best utility and style, speak with experts on motorized window coverings to gain insight into the different available possibilities and how different blinds systems can elevate your decor and improve the overall utility. Making your home smarter with Somfy blinds is a journey that starts with the right guide. Contact Master Blinds for free in-person consultations to help you embark on this journey with total confidence and the full range of opportunities.

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