Motorization for window blinds has come a long way. Nowadays, you’ve got major brands like Somfy and Lutron to rely on. They make wireless controls for blinds and shades that allow for all sorts of automated actions.

Motorized blinds can respond to remote control handsets or smartphone apps. You can even choose to get automatic blinds and shades that open and close according to given parameters. Motorized blinds can use temperature and brightness sensors to self adjust. You can even set a schedule for your motorized blinds and have them open and close during certain times. As for the blinds themselves, you’ll be happy to know that pretty much all kinds of window treatments can become motorized. From cellular shades to faux wood blinds. You can get the motorized blinds custom made from scratch or add an electric opening method to an existing set.

The future is automatic. With motorized blinds and self-adjusting shades you can truly make your home or office feel high-tech.

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Learn about the Limited Lifetime Warranty on our custom aluminum blinds and why we care about making all our products safe for all rooms.

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